Get To Know Us

As a boating family we have enjoyed hundreds days on the water over the last 17 years.  As we head into our 10th year aboard ‘Allegro’ we still find time spent on the water is always full of challenges, relaxation, and joy.

Growing up as three brothers at sea in a small boat has brought our boys together like no other family activity can.  Memories that will last them a lifetime are made every time we go out in the boat. We highly advise anyone considering boating to just get one, and get out there.  Even though our boat isn’t the biggest on the water, our experiences afloat are still just as exciting and enjoyable as those aboard the biggest yacht.

Creating this cruising guide has been a labor of love, for the boats, and the sea.  We hope it will inspire you to join us in exploring the awesome beauty of the inland waters of the Pacific Northwest.