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  • We're glad you found our family website
    Here you'll find pictures and information about our family activities, especially boating which we do as often as possible.  We are
    starting our 13th year aboard 'Allegro' and hope to experience
    many new and exciting adventures in 2013.
  • Mikes Birthday at iFly

  • Our most recent Hawaii Trip
    We spent Dawn's birthday in Kona

  • South to the Sun (Sort of)
    We spent the 2008 Mid-Winter break in San Diego

    Our 'Dolphin Interaction' session at Sea World

  • Summer in Seattle

  • Our Epic Boat Adventure
    Read about our longest boating trip, 23 days covering over 500 miles north through the San Juans and the Canadian Gulf Islands to the spectacular Princess Louisa Inlet.  It was an adventure we will not soon forget.

    Many great experiences were had along the way, from our first crossings of both the Strait of Juan De Fuca and the Strait of Georgia to our time exploring one of the holy grail destinations of cruising Princess Louisa Inlet.  Along the way fun was had by all on both sea and shore.  From the awesome power of Skoocumchuck narrows to the relaxing hot tub on our deck at the cabin in Deer Harbor we are very grateful we had the opportunity to make this trip of a lifetime.

    Check out the slide show below!


  • A Highly Recommended book

    The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet

    A biography and an astonishing adventure story of a woman who, left a widow in 1927, packed up here five children onto a 25 foot boat and cruised the coastal waters of British Columbia, summer after summer.

    Muriel Wylie Blanchard acted single-handedly as skipper, navigator, engineer and, of course, mum, as she saw her crew through encounters with tides, fog, storms, rapids, cougars and bears.  She sharpened in her children a special interest in the ancient Haida culture and in nature itself.  In this book, she left us with a sensitive and compelling account of their journeys.
    *From the back cover

    This book was brought to our attention by Giff and Mary Jones who we met in Princess Louisa.  Thanks for the great spaghetti dinner.

  • Check out some Family Pictures

What's  New

North to the Night by Alvah Simon

In the vastness and silence of the Arctic wastes, a man and his wife were caught like flies in amber, their 35-foot steel cutter frozen in the polar ice. After a beautiful and sometimes hair-raising voyage beyond Baffin Island and far above the Arctic Circle, Diana and Alvah Simon could go no further, and made preparations for the long Arctic night. But her father's diagnosis of terminal cancer called Diana away--and after a dramatic evacuation by helicopter, Alvah was left to survive the winter alone. This is their story: of an epic voyage, their encounters with the Inuit people, his descent into near-madness, and Diana's return in the spring, through harsh weather and near disaster.

"North to the Night is a significant addition to the literature of the Arctic, by an author-explorer of the first rank. Alvah Simon writes beautifully about his iced-up world and, indeed, about Nature itself, but without the dreamy romanticism that has sunk many a lesser narrative. His book is the genuine article. Urgently recommended."--Lawrence Millman, author of Last Places: A Journey in the North and An Evening Among the Headhunters.

"Punctuated with wit, charm, surprisingly turns, spirituality, romantic views, and crystalline insights, North to the Night is more than just a great read. Through gales, blizzards, endless night, crushing ice, and near sinking we are taken to the edge of madness and the core of human frailty and strength.--Steve Callahan, author of Adrift.

"This is truly an adventure story--an intense and gripping exploration of the extreme reaches of the outer and inner world. It reminded me of Jon Krakauer's work, with its blend of suspense and analysis and sheer ability to communicate why and how people do extraordinary things. Though set in the dark of the long Arctic winter, North to the night is filled with illumination.--Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature and The Age of Missing Information.

About the Author: Alvah Simon spent thirteen years sailing the world, finding adventure in Borneo's jungles, Africa's deserts, and Cape Horn's ship graveyards. For their Arctic journey, he and his wife, Diana, received the 1997 Cruising World Outstanding Seamanship Award. The Simons live aboard the Roger Henry.

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Bob Dunn, Wildlife and Nature Artist

"The artist's challenge is to capture just
the right moment of action and behavior."

As a wildlife and nature artist this challenge offers wonderful possibilities. These are moments of flight, or moments that capture the animal just before it flashes away!

Bob Dunn "Ferruginous Hawk"


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