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8/5/2004 - 8/6/2004

Camping near
Mt Rainier
Grandma's memorial service

Little Naches Campground

We loaded up the Suburban and left for a night of camping on the east slope of Mt Rainier.  East to Issaquah, then south on SR169 to Enumclaw and a lunch stop.  We then turned east and south on SR410 into the National Park.  We know the mountain was there because the map says so, but it was so shrouded in clouds that we never did see it.  Once at the top of Cayuse pass we turned east for the climb up and over Chinook pass.  This is the first time the kids have driven along sheer cliffs on roads with no guard rails.  We crested the 5432' pass and headed down into the valley on the east side.

We arrived at Little Naches Campground and parked in our reserved camping spot #3.  We'd never seen it but this was without a doubt the best camping site in the whole campground.  There are only 4 other parties here.

The kids ran around and played while we set up camp.  The tents went up quick and we settled in.  Dawn and the boys took a hike up the river a ways and Sam cooked up a simple dinner of hot dogs on the grill over the stove.  Unfortunately there is a burn ban and even though we brought wood we can't have a fire.  So much for the plan to roast hot dogs on the fire.  At least everything won't smell of smoke in the morning.

We all relaxed and settled in for the evening.  Sam and I had a poker game while everyone else chilled.  We turned in fairly early, Sam and Nick in one tent and Dawn, Mike and I in the other.

Little Naches Campground

We slept until about 9:30 then made pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  It started to sprinkle a bit after breakfast so we got out the walrus rain cover.  My parents and Aunts and Uncle arrived 2 hours early for the memorial service we were here to hold.  We all hung around under the rain fly as the weather got worse.  Dede and Steve, arrived and shortly after them Dana and Oliver and the kids rolled in.

We all had lunch, then due to the heavier rain held the service at the campground where we had more cover.  Then we struck the last of camp and headed up the road to scatter grandmas ashes.  It turned out to be quite a bit further drive than we were expecting, first on narrow paved roads, then on gravel, and finally on dirt roads.  We stopped at the site where Grandpa was scattered years ago and finished the service.  Since we were nearly at the top we drove the final little bit to the lookout at the top of Ravens Roost, elev 6198'.  The view was great of the surrounding valleys but the clouds still hid nearby Mt. Rainier.

From there we went back down the fire service roads and up and over Chinook one more time for the ride home.


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