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Logbook Day 1

Lake Washington
Our first day out with our new boat

Newport to Newport

Assembled and launched for the first time. Took about a hour. Launched easily, just like V21.

Powered south all the way around Mercer Island until back at Luther Burbank Park.  Observed speeds with black prop, tanks empty.

  • 5000rpm-17+ mph
  • 4000rpm-13+ mph
  • 3500rpm-10 mph
  • 3000rpm-7 mph
  • 2000rpm-4 mph

Sailed in light winds from Luther Burbank to Newcastle beach.

Powered north back to Luther Burbank draining tanks.  Anchored for dinner at Luther Burbank, Wind came up.

Motored back to launch, had difficulty docking from down wind.  Powered onto trailer, didn't work well.  Had problem with bow hitting trailer cross bar. Will use old float on method next time.
























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