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Logbook Days 2, 3, 4 & 5
7/5/2001 - 7/8/2001

Deception Pass
This is our first overnight trip in the spacious 26x.  We didn't go far, but we spent 4 days inside Deception Pass at beautiful Hope Island.

Cornet Bay to Hope Island

Launched at Cornet Bay, good ramp, setup went smooth.  Motored over to Hope Island.  The North bay was full and the south was very exposed.  Anchored in 15' in the southern part of the small east bay near the point.  Set two anchors as it was a tight spot. Night was calm and the point provided good protection.  I would suspect this bay at real low tide. Kids enjoyed the sandstone cliff at the beach 1st Night On Board!!!!!

Hope Island

Woke up to a beautiful morning. The kids slept soundly and the anchors held fine. Loosing depth fast. Began to pull up at 5-7 ft.  Lightly hit something submerged on exit from bay, most likely a log.  No damage.  Ran over to Cornet Bay Marina for bait, ice, and a crab ring.  Stock cooler won't hold ice.  Boat was easy to dock from up wind.  Stopped by park dock to get items from the truck.

Ran back to Hope Island North Bay and tied to the west most mooring buoy.  There is a large shoal area in the center of the bay.  The west channel could be OK to anchor in. BBQ'd and the kids played on the beach. Good afternoon. By night the anchorage was crowded.  Had a rough night.  The wind died completely and the boat drifts forward past the mooring buoy then the buoy bangs on the side.  Dingy was pounding too.  Cable in the mast slapped all night.  The bay is very exposed to wakes.  There were large dogs on the shore from the campers, kids slept well, not us.

Hope Island

Left the mooring in the early afternoon after the kids had beach time.  Looking for a more private place.  Moved back to the east end.  The south bay was already taken so decided to try the north one which looked good.  The tide was at it's lowest so it was easy to pick a spot. Tried to anchor with Sam at the helm, but overshot the spot.  Came around again with Dawn driving.  Set one anchor north and the other south a little further out.

We sat on the north anchor all afternoon while the kids played on the beach.  I took them in and left them alone while I rowed the 30' back to the boat.  It's amazing how such a short distance can make things much more pleasurable.  They even played well together without a parent to run to. About and hour before high tide in the evening a 5 knot current began to run to the north and we swang on to the south anchor.  Depth went up to 25' so I increased scope to 120' The anchor held well although it is a little troubling to be anchored in the middle of a raging tidal river.  You only got one shot at getting to the boat with the dingy. During the night the current slacked and we swung back to the north anchor.  It reversed again in the early morning to a strong current from the south. Nice quiet night.

Hope Island to Cornet Bay

Woke up to a strong current running from the south.  We kept the kids below as we pulled up the anchors.  The north was easy as we were sitting right over it.  Had to motor over the south to retrieve it against the current.  It also came up easy. We motored out and around the south side of Hope island.  Also swung by Skagit Island to get a look.  The west side is very deep. Went back to the launch and put the boat on the trailer.  Had the same problem getting the bow over the bar at the front of the trailer.  Scraped off a bunch more gel coat. Need a protective roller at the bar!!!!!
























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