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Logbook Days 6 & 7
7/12/2001 - 7/13/2001

Port Ludlow

Everett to Port Ludlow

This is a business trip with my co-worker Jon. Launched and motored out of Everett. Set up by myself went fine. Jon helped with launch. Went fast at 4000rpm / 15 knots down to the south tip of Whidbey Island.  Once to Useless Bay tried sailing but the wind was very light.  After about 20 min the wind filled in and built to 10-15 knots. Speed reached 6.5 knots but boat began to round up in puffs.  Rolled headsail in to about 100% and balance was great at 6.0 knots. Sailed to just past Hood Canal entrance then motored in to the marina.  Stopped at fuel dock.  Got slip 15.  Backed into the slip.  Windage of the bow is hard to control.  Need to use more centerboard for control. Did business a presentation at the resort, had dinner and I slept on the boat after entertaining 6 guests on board.  Wish I could always charge my slip fees to my expense account.

Port Ludlow to Everett

Left the marina in the afternoon after a round of golf in the morning. Motored out into the bay then ran at 4000rpm for 15 min draining the tank.  Cruised the rest of the way at 3500rpm.  Speed was 6--8 knots into a 1.5 to 2.0 knot current. First 6.6 tank ran out just short of Everett.  Covered 19.83 miles in 2hr 35min. Entered Everett launch at just after a 3.8 low tide.  Still plenty of water for launch and lots of dock left. Bow roller worked great on pull out.
























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