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Sam, Nick, and Mike
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Logbook Day 8


Newport to Newport

Play day on lake.  Setup went smooth.  Extended back Stay helps pinning front. Motored up to Luther Burbank park and inflated towing tube.  It came with rope so I have a spare.  Easy to inflate. Towed tied to stern rail.  All kids and Dawn took turns.  Turning through wake gets good waves.  You can get outside wake if you lean.  Steerable tube would be great.  Will plane if you lay flat. After a hour and a half of towing noise we switched to sailing for lunch.  Still have large wrinkle in main.  Sailed up to SR520.  After 2 hours motored back dumping water. Towed tube for another 45 minutes.  Motored back to launch.  Easy loading.  Need to make individual setup/teardown procedure cards.

























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