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Logbook Day 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13
8/28/2001 - 9/1/2001

South Sound

Latimers Landing to Kopachuck State Park

Launched at the Harstine bridge launch.  Dawn and Mike took the truck to Chapmans.  Sam, Nick and I took the boat to Chapmans beach.  Bridge is charted at 31'.  After passing close to check we went under with 12" to spare at high tide.  Went to Chapmans and anchored to wait for Dawn. Pulled nose into beach with rope ladder on bow rail to pick up Mike and Dawn. Due to late start, ran at 4000rpm headed for Eagle Island state park. Had favorable current.  When we arrived at Eagle island all buoys were full.  Tried to anchor SE but got no bite on repeated tries.  Also tried NE without success.  Anchor came up foul and never got a hold in the large gravel and rock bottom.  Decided to press on, already 6pm. Headed north through Pitt passage and across Carr inlet to Kopachuck State Park.  Buoy was open so we took it.  There was a dingy on the north park buoy. Wind died at sunset for a calm night.  Dawn and the boys went to shore while I arranged the boat after our traditional day one dinner, weaners and beaners.  It was dusk, and on the way back she forgot Chelsea who started to swim after the dingy.  Wet dog is not good. We all settled in to a quiet night as the only boat in the bay.  Cutts mooring buoys are all empty.

Kopachuck State Park to Cutts Island

Kids and Dawn played on the beach at low tide, Huge clam geysers and sand dollars.  We decided to move to Cutts.  All 8 buoys are empty.  We chose the one furthest south. After arrival we all went ashore for exploring and lunch.  Hiked up the trails to above the cliffs and down to the west side.  Played at the south end cliff then settled in on east side to build a fort and have lunch. After lunch, I took Mike to the boat for nap.  Rescued Dawn and the boys at 4pm.  One other boat now here 4 buoys down.  Kopachuck buoys are empty. BBQ dinner, new table works good.  Large schools of fish around boat.  Lots of jelly fish and quite a few seals.  Dawn and the kids got up close to a baby on sunning on the island.  Shrimp works well as bait for small fish but the hooks are to big.  They run from the net. Took Mike and Nick to shore with the dog.  Broke floorboard for dingy when entering at shore. Wind died again at sunset.  Glass calm.  All the play boats (skiers, wakeboard, kneeboard, PWC) left at sunset as well.  Quiet night.

Cutts Island to Stretch Island

Left Cutts under power, looped through Horseshoe bay to see the ramp.  No parking and wires close to shore. Went across Carr to Lakebay marina.  Very run down.  Got 9 gallons of gas at $1.97 and Ice.  Penrose Point park looks nice with buoys on both sides.  Dock was crowded, buoys empty. Headed south through Pitt passage and around Devils Head.  Stopped at Joemma park dock.  Kids fished and watched crabbers. Crossed over Case to Mc Micken Island but all the buoys were full.  Decided to go north to Stretch Island.  3 open buoys on east, west was full.  Took the north most east one.  Exposed to beam swells from passing boats.  Went ashore, nice beach.  Nick got stung by a bee.  Caught tons of small crabs from pot off the bow of the boat.  None big enough to keep. Wind came up from the south quite strong.  We had a very noisy / rolly night swinging in the wind.  At 1am I filled the ballast tank to settle the motion some.  Kids slept great.

Stretch Island to Harstien Island

Wind was down somewhat in the early morning. Quickly left buoy and went to the marina at Grapeview,  Fair Harbor marina.  Very nice.  Arrived just before 8:00 and store didn't open until 9:00.  Filled fuel, Water, ice, and trinkets.  Sam caught 2 fish from dock.  No potty dump here. Headed back out for Harstine.  Wind is way up with swells 3-4 ft.  Kids love smashing through the waves and large spray.  Headed into Pickering and Jarells Cove. Stopped at park dock.  Kids played while we emptied potty and cleaned boat.  Mike got stuck in the beach mud.  Quite a mess. Went down to Chapmans.  Oliver was just finishing working on the oyster beach.  We had lunch and put the kids down for naps.  It got to late to play on the tube and they needed to start seeding the oysters from the barge. Left at 4pm, just Dawn and I, for a night alone.  Went around the south end of Squaxin and over to Hope Island.  The south is exposed and we didn't like the view from the west buoys.  Park looks nice for a future visit. Went back to old Squaxin state park.  Anchored in a great spot, but decided not to stay.  Went back and anchored off Chapman beach.  Took three tries to set the guardian.  Set the steel at 180 degrees each at 60' to limit swinging.  Calm night, quiet, no kids.

Harstien Island to Latimers Landing

Had a few rain showers throughout the night.  Went from calm to building wind and rain after 7am.  Called Dana and canceled tubing. After breakfast, took Dawn to beach and went back to take boat to launch alone.  Low tide was coming and we were down to 4-5'.  Fell back on steel to 120' and pulled up guardian.  Pulled up steel until it broke loose then cleated off just back on the bottom.  Motored out a ways with the anchor down to deeper water.  Drifted and brought anchor up to bow. Motored back to launch.  Dawn brought truck and trailer.  Launch was down to the final float but was still OK to use. Aprox 2' of tide.  Tore down the boat in the peace and quiet of no kids.  Drove back to Chapmans, parked at the bottom of the road and walked up to get the kids.
























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