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8/21/2008 - 8/30/2008

Summer in Seattle
A New Kind of Trip

Newport Shores to Elliott Bay Marina

We hitched up and pulled the boat out of the driveway just after 1:00 pm. Only Dawn and I are in the truck for the short drive to the Newport Shores launch. We are embarking on a totally different end of summer boat trip. Rather than travel place to place we are putting Allegro in a slip at Elliott Bay marina for a week. We will make day trips and spend a night or two on board. We will also be entertaining guests a few times.

We drove to the launch and found a shady spot in the parking lot to put the mast up. We intend to sail on this trip, multiple times. The launch is quiet when we finished with no traffic so far. With the mast raised we backed in and launched the boat. We walked it to the end of the dock to leave room for any other launchers.

Good thing, as shortly before Dawn left with the truck and the empty trailer a line began to form. Dawn is taking the trailer back to the house and will be bringing Nick and Mike down as crew for the transit through the lake and out the locks.

While she was gone I set up everything else and got ready for the trip. Traffic held her up and we didn't leave the dock until 2:40 pm, this could be tight because they stop opening the Fremont bridge from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm for rush hour. While the distance isn't far, once we hit Webster Point the speed limit is 7 knots all the way to the locks.

Once under the I-90 East Channel bridge we rolled the throttle forward and made our way across the lake at 15 knots. From the 520 West Channel bridge we slowed to just over 7 knots as required and wound our way through Montlake, Portage Bay, Lake Union, and finally to the Fremont Bridge. It was 3:45 pm when we arrived. Just as we approached I could see the traffic gates coming down as there was a sailboat on the other side as well. The span soon opened and we cruised through.

Once into Salmon Bay I had Nick take the wheel while I set the lines and fenders for the locks. We pulled up just as they opened the gates to let a bunch of inbound boats out. They loaded a couple large commercial boats and then the dozen or so pleasure boats waiting. We were rafted to a 36' Grand Banks and had a small ski boat on the outside of us. At 4:30pm we started the quick trip down as the tide is about 3/4 high. Nick did a fine job both coming and going in the locks and soon we were headed out into Shilshole Bay. It was a easy run around West Point at 15 knots and soon we were standing off the breakwater at Elliott Bay marina.

I called the office on the cell phone and was assigned slip M59. We made our way in and around a huge pleasure boat (170' I later found out) and down the fairway to our slip. I was told it was a starboard tie, but it turned out to be port. We had to stand by while Nick moved the fenders. There is quite a current running toward shore pushing us along as he worked. I backed up to the slip we had now drifted past and then turned in. The current spun us too far and after a soft bow bump Nick was on the dock and we straightened up the boat then tied up.

It's a nice spacious slip as it is a 36' long one. Once we were secure, I headed to the harbormaster office to check in. We had planned on getting a slip for 7 days with power which would run about $250. As it turned out they suggested I book it for 10 days which would get me on a different rate plan. We now have the slip for 10 days with power for only $144, what a deal. I called Dawn on the way back to the boat and she is heading this way with dinner.

Back at the boat I cleaned up, put the rest of the canvas up and hooked up the power. We are all settled in to Allegro's new home through Labor Day weekend. Time for a nap.

Dawn arrived a little before 8 pm, the Mariners game traffic held her up yet again. We all walked out to the parking lot to meet her and bring back the KFC to the boat. We had a quiet dinner then buttoned things up for the night and headed back home.  Leaving the boat in a marina is a new thing, but I guess I'll get used to it.

Once home, Dawn ran out to do some late night shopping for supplies and I turned around the truck and trailer then put the trailer back in the boat house. I hope to clean it up a bit, paint any rust, and take care of a few boathouse issues while I have access to it without the boat on the trailer.

Elliott Bay Marina

I arrived at the boat around noon. Dawn was off to pick up her parents who were returning from an Alaska cruise and I made a quick stop at West Marine before heading to the marina. The plan is to do some clean up and work on a couple projects so everything is ready for this evening, then sail alone for a while.

I finished vacuuming and washing the enclosure windows then moved on to adjusting the new battery combiner voltage so it kicks in properly for both the charger and the motor. Unfortunately it refuses to work right for the motor as I see no voltage bump on my e-meter even though the combined status LED lights up. Perhaps I am not getting any charge from the new motor. I need to bring down the multi-meter to check. There should be no problems this trip as every night we are back at the dock plugged in.

So far this afternoon has been dead calm. So much for sailing. I worked out a location for the oidio iPod amp in the cockpit then un-furled the genoa and raised the main while at the dock to make sure all was good with the sails and the spiders were all out. Everything is clear and ready for this evening. The Espes are picking up Dawn at 4 pm and coming over for the evening sail the bought as part of the auction at church last year.

Time to just hang around and relax until they all arrive. Dawn, Mark and Connie arrived at 4:45 pm and as soon as we had the food loaded we cast off the lines and backed out of the slip. We made our way around the mega yacht and out past the breakwater. At first I headed toward downtown thinking we would just putter along as the wind was non-existent here as well. Dawn wanted to go west toward the view of the Olympics so we hung a right. After about 10 minutes we hit some light wind and decided to give sailing a shot. I went forward on deck and hoisted the main then un-furled the genoa. The wind was a nice consistent breeze from the Northwest and soon the boat was in a nice grove close hauled at 4-5 knots headed to Bainbridge island. The boat basically sailed itself for the next 1/2 hour until we were just off Tyee Shoal outside Eagle Harbor.

We tacked to the North and set a course for West Point. Dawn went below and started preparing the dinner salads. Just as we were crossing into the Northbound shipping lanes a large container ship appeared to the South. These move fast and I lowered the motor and sped up to 8 knots so we would clear it's path. We all continued to enjoy great conversation and food as the boat settles back into a nice easy 4 knot passage North. The wind shifted some and we had to head more east as we approached Magnolia Bluff. We watched the Victoria clipper and one of the goodtime boats cross our path as we approached shore. We then turned to starboard on a reach back toward the marina. As we paralleled the shore the breeze went more east and warmed. We were able to sail close hauled right back to the marina breakwater. Once off the east end we furled the sails and motored back into the slip right at dusk. It was a great smooth sail and the perfect end to a relaxing day. Back in the slip we put the covers on and zipped up the top then sat in the cockpit talking and enjoying a delicious desert. The Espe's left around 9:30 pm and we left just after 10 pm.

Elliott Bay Marina

We were going to go for a cruise to fish and relax over at Blake Island with Ron and Bonnie, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse.  Dawn and Bonnie have wimped out so Ron and I alone went over to the boat.  There is a constant drizzle falling with occasional heavier rain.  We pulled out of the marina and turned north toward West Point as I know this is a place I often see people fishing.  The current is from the south and we decided to drift fish between the point and the green can navigation buoy. 

We opened the starboard side side canvas and Ron fished while I sat dry at the helm with the motor idling.  The fishing was somewhat slow but we got enough bites to keep going back for more.  Nothing but flounder was brought up as we went back and forth.  Things slowed as we tried further south so Ron turned in for a nap while I drove south toward Alki.  We gave fishing one more brief try off Duwamish Head without any luck.  The weather was now even worse so we turned north across Elliott Bay to the marina and a warm dry ride home.

Elliott Bay Marina

With Dawn's dad Ron staying for an extra week we took advantage of a built in responsible adult at home and left for a night on the boat. We planned on a 4pm departure but traffic, reality, and kids delayed our departure to 7pm. I'd finished up my last day of work for the week but neglected one task so I needed to stop back by the office. We first went down to the Keg for a nice relaxing steak dinner, then went to the office to finish things up. It was 10 pm when we left and went north to the marina.

It was raining as we pulled into the parking lot and we made our way down the darkened dock to the boat. Quickly we were on board hanging up our wet coats to dry and getting the vee berth ready for bed. We settled in but soon discovered that we had neglected to tie out the halyards when we returned from sailing last Saturday. Snug and warm we decided to sleep through the occasional noise.

Elliott Bay Marina

As the night went on the wind built to the 30's and the rain became heavy. Finally around 4 am Dawn couldn't sleep with the noise anymore so she bundled up and went on deck to tie out the halyards. She did the right things but in the heavy wind it wasn't enough to silence the lines. I followed her on deck and tied the lines out further to finally get some quiet.

Unfortunately, with our boat now quiet the noise from all the other boats around us became apparent. Elliot Bay marina is much more of a home base marina than a guest destination marina. It soon was apparent that none of the other boats made much effort to silence their noisy lines.

Late in the morning the wind fell and a semblance of peace ensued. We slept late until 10:30 am. By the time we were ready to go it was after the time the local grill served breakfast so we buttoned up the boat and drove home where we had a late big breakfast.

Our get-a-way was pretty much a bust, the dinner was nice however.

Elliott Bay Marina

It's Friday and I drove over to the boat around noon. Dawn and her dad are off to Lake Sammamish to fish for bass in the kayak and I wanted to go for a sail.

When I arrived I checked in at the harbormasters office to confirm we were good to stay through the weekend then headed for the boat. The wind meter in the office was pegged over 20 knots. Down at the boat there is a strong breeze from the south keeping the boat well off the dock with stronger gusts. In the open fairway just aft past the last dock behind us there are whitecaps. At this point it looks a bit to heavy out there for single handed sailing. I'm particularly worried about the return to the dock alone as we are on the downwind side.

I decided to do a small electrical project and see how it looks in a hour or so. When the motor is running the new combiner clicks in closing the positive connection between the two battery banks, but I don't see any increased voltage or current flow on my house amp hour meter yet I am getting current out of the motor.  I have determined that the settings on the combiner are correct and that it is doing the right thing. This sent me back to basic wiring 101 and I realized that I am missing a connection from the starting battery to the common ground connection outside the meter shunt on the house bank. This is needed to complete the circuit when the combiner closes to put the batteries in parallel.  I'll need to pick up one more cable.

Once I closed everything back up I took another look at the sea state and decided a nap was in order. I woke up a bit past 3 pm and decided that single handed sailing wasn't going to happen today. I put the mainsail cover back on and closed back up the canvas enclosure. Traffic wasn't to bad and even though I never left the dock it was a nice relaxing afternoon on the boat.

Elliott Bay Marina

We left the house around noon and made our way to the marina. It's all hands on board for a fishing trip. Traffic to the WSU Cougar game at Qwest and Bumbershoot at the Seattle Center slowed us but we finally arrived at 12:40 pm. We were under way at 12:45. The plan was to cross to Winslow but we encountered rain so we turned north to West Point. We're on site to bottom fish at 1:15 pm.  The wind is down and the sun is out making for great fishing conditions.

The current is from the NE at this time so we started just North of the point itself. At first we were in 100' so we backed in toward the point until we were in 50' and dropped our lines.

Mike hooked up almost immediately, he soon had a nice 12" flounder in the boat. He continued to set the pace landing fish almost every time he lowered the hook. Sam and Nick were slower to get going but soon everyone was bringing fish in. We aren't keeping any fish, just having fun with catch and release. We made a couple drifts over the bank fishing from as shallow as 12' to as deep as 60' We're using a standard bottom rig with 1oz of weight on a 12" drop line from a tee swivel and a 12" leader back to a medium hook with a chunk of hearing as bait.

Nick broke the flounder stream with a decent size Sculpin, and shortly after that Mike brought in a small rockfish. We were on our 4th drift in about 45 ft of water when Mike's rod bent in two and he couldn't even crank the reel. We got him better situated and helped him fight his catch to the surface. He had hooked into a 3' long dogfish that was putting up a big fight. Just as we got it to the surface there was a huge wake approaching from astern so we all paused and found a hand hold.

We took the obligatory pictures and then grandpa leaned over the side to try and bring the shark on board to remove the hook. Just at that time the 12# leader failed and the fish vanished back into the depths.

We made a few more passes over the bank but the action seemed to be tapering off so we headed back to the marina.  As we were going along Magnolia Bluff the fuel tank we had been on since the locks went dry.  We have covered 32.6 Nautical Miles on the 6 gallons of gas plus had a lot of idling time during our drift fishing last Sunday.  Most of this has been at 6-7 knots getting well over 5 Nm per gallon, much better than our old motor did.

It was 5:45pm when we pulled back into the slip and closed the boat up for the night.

Elliott Bay Marina to Newport Shores

We headed over to the marina around 1:30 pm. Sam is dropping off Dawn, Ron, and I for the trip back into the lake. It was 2:00 pm when we stepped on the boat.

I quickly added the missing ground connector to the primary wiring running from the new starting battery negative terminal to the common ground on the outside of the house battery meter shunt. Now when I started the engine the combiner sensed the voltage, closed the positive contact and the batteries are truly in parallel so I now see 14+ volts at both the Starting battery and on the meter of the house batteries. We are now charging both sides from the shore power charger and from the motor.

I packed up the shore power cord, singled up the dock lines and we were ready to leave. I had Dawn take the helm so I could tend the bow as we backed out as the wind had us pinned to the dock. She needed to back out to starboard but misunderstood and we ended up backwards in the fairway. I took over at the helm and got us spun around facing the right direction.  We exited the marina and made our way north at a leisurely 6.5 knots. The wind is a lot higher today with rougher conditions. Yesterday was definitely the best day for our drift fishing trip.

We rounded west point and made for Shilshoe Bay. Boats we just exiting the locks as we entered, however there is a fairly large group waiting for the ride up. I went in to the shallow mooring field at the back of the bay to wait for things to sort themselves out.

It seemed to take a long time for them to get a large mega yacht in and settled, then the parade crept it's way into the large lock. We were on the 4th raft back on the south wall, third boat out tied to a Bayliner 36. The rafts were 3 and 4 wide on both walls. The tide was only 1/2 low so it was a pretty quick trip up. Once those ahead cleared out we made an easy departure into the ship canal.

We pushed the 7 knot speed limit as we tried to close up on the first boat to exit, the giant mega yacht. It's towers were far taller than our mast and it would certainly need the Fremont bridge opened. While we made up some ground we were still a ways back when it arrived at the bridge. Sure enough the bridge tender opened up as soon as it arrived, a perk that goes with a multi million dollar boat. We sped up even more racing to make it through. As we got close it started to lower an the tender sounded the closing 5 blasts. It didn't look like we could squeeze through so I slowed and started to turn to circle. Just the the bridge must have been lowered far enough for the tender in the tower to see us because he signaled the long short opening blasts and started the bridge back up. We throttled back up and quickly passed under into Lake Union.

As we made our way through the lake we decided it was time for a break so we stopped at the Ivars dock and went in for an appetizer and a beer.  Back under way we cruised through the rest of the winding channel and out to Lake Washington.  Once under SR520 we opened the valves and throttled up to 12 knots to dump the ballast.  We headed straight for the I90 west channel bridge and by the time we were across the tank was empty and we were at 15 knots for the rest of the way south.  We slowed for the speed zone under the bridge then pulled into the launch dock at 7:15pm.  After a call to Sam for a pickup Dawn and I worked on packing up the canvas.  Sam arrived and she left to get the truck and trailer.  By the time she was back I had the mast down and everything buttoned up.  Ron spent this time seeing if he could tempt any fish to bite his lure under the dock.

We loaded the boat and made the quick trip up the hill to the house. This was a very different type of trip that we may try to do once per summer.  Most likely we'll vary which marina we put the boat in so we have access to different area's.





 In our slip at Elliott Bay Marina

 Mark and Connie on a sunset cruise

 Enjoying a nice sail.

 Out fishing on a very rainy Sunday

 Dawn and Ron caught a huge small mouth bass out in the kayak on Lake Sammamish


 Gearing up for fishing

 A lovely day to be on the water

 Mike is the first to hook up

 It's flounder all around

 Everyone gets a turn

 It's crowded on the bow

 Mike hooked into the catch of the day, look at that pole bend.

 The prize is a 3' long dogfish

 Relaxing on the way back to the slip.

 Dawn and her dad.


 Waiting for our chance to enter the locks

 Rafted up in the locks

 It's a crowded Summer afternoon, 3 wide on both walls.

 A great end to 10 days at the marina.




























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