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Logbook Day 130, 131, 132, 133, 134
6/28/2009 - 7/2/2009

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Thirteen Days in the North Sound
Great Summer Outing

Fort Flaggler State Park

We got up early, a bit past 8, and saw a number of boats off that are turning north heading to the San Juans.  The forecast has Small Craft Warnings for Admiralty Inlet, East Juan De Fuca and the San Juans with winds 15-25 rising to 20-30 and 4'-5' seas.  Its the same for tomorrow.  We have decided not to go north into the rough open water on the way to and from Sequim.

We spent a leisurely morning saying goodbye and getting ready to go.  The boys and I went up for a nice hot shower before we go out for a few days to places with fewer facilities.  Around 11:00 we cast off and went west to the main Port Townsend marina for fuel and shopping.  Mike and I filled up the tanks, a whole 11 gallons, then hung out while Dawn and Nick went to the store.

Just past noon we set out for the quick 3 mile trip across the bay to Fort Flaggler.  Even small Port Townsend Bay has white caps and rollers and we had some spray at only 6 knots.  We're glad we're not up in the strait.  Soon we were to the winding entrance to Kilisut Harbor.  We made our way to the dock and our favorite location inside on the east end was open.  Docking was a bit tricky with the wind from the west and the ebb current running from the east.  Soon we were tied up, and Dawn and Nick took the dogs to the beach while I secured everything and Mike napped.

At 2:30 Dawn and the dogs returned.  The dogs are wet and sandy, and smelly.  They spent an hour loose on the beach running and digging.  We grabbed a brush, towels, and soap and took them up to the fish cleaning station at the head of the dock.  Jessy was OK after a good brushing, but Jenny needed the full bath treatment.  The water from the hose is very cold but she survived.  Just before 3 Mike finally woke up and we fixed some snacks.  It's nice at the dock with 4 cruising boats and a unattended smaller day boat, there are no shore side crabbers or fishermen.

At 4:00 we helped a large Benateau turn around at the head of the dock so they were bow to the waves.  At 4:30 the boys started a Star Wars movie while Dawn and I relaxed in the cockpit.  Dawn woke me just before 7 for dinner.  They insisted the recording they made on the BlackBerry was me snoring, but all I could hear was the wind.  Mike went out to fish after dinner. 

The wind is up at 20 from the west, but at least we have some wave protection behind the dock and the boats on the outside.  The howling through the rig is constant background noise and the compression post has an eerie humming.

Dawn and I took the dogs up briefly and enjoyed watching the kite surfers in the bay.  It's 8:30 now and Mike is focused on catching the huge fish he swears keeps biting yet he just can't quite get landed.

Nick has the Whirly Pop going making popcorn for the evening.  With the wind howling ever louder we tucked in for the first two episodes of "24, The Second Season"  By bed time at 11 the waves were down some but the wind is still playing it's tune in the rig.

Fort Flaggler State Park

The dogs got Dawn up early so she took them to the beach then sat out on the dock and read.  All the cruisers at the dock have left early, we're spending the day here.  Close to 11 we started breakfast of french toast and bacon.  Dawn found a cast iron griddle that fits perfectly in the Origo stove and seems to cook better than the aluminum one.  Breakfast is quick and easy with pre-cooked bacon and French Toast made to be warmed in the toaster.  It comes out really good on the griddle with hardly any mess at all.

Mike is back fishing looking for that lunker.  The wind is calm so far, much better today than yesterday. 

We buttoned up the boat and all headed out for a hike at 2:00.  First we went to the store for some pop and ice-cream, then we went up the main road that goes across the island to the primary fort buildings along Admiralty Inlet.  Along the way we explored the Mortar Battery.  The boys want to find some of the big guns.  Most are gone, all of the 10" and 12" ones are, but there are still some smaller ones to look at.

Once we reached the main parade grounds we spotted the barrel of the 120mm gun on display.  While only a 4" anti aircraft gun it's still a large weapon.  We toured the museum and walked down to the battery where there are still some 3" guns installed.  We then made the 1-1/2 mile walk back across the island.

We cooked up boneless beef ribs and rice for dinner on the BBQ and everyone enjoyed the feast.  The wind came up just past 8 and at high tide, started to make things rough again.  There are no boats on the outside to break the waves tonight, just the dock itself.  Thankfully it's not nearly as windy as last night, but it's still a bouncy ride.  The fenders are working overtime. 

We zipped up and settled in for 2 more episodes of "24". and at 10:30 we went to bed.  The wind died around 12 and the rest of the night was calm.

Pleasant Harbor Marina

Dawn and I got up a bit after 8 and took the dogs to shore one last time.  The Coast Guard and Navy are bringing in a large carrier munitions supply ship to the dock at Indian Island.  We're getting some food prepped then will head out for Pleasant Harbor.  Dawn cooked some sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches on bagels along with some hashbrowns left from a few days ago.  We decided to eat before we cast off as the ship escort has the Bay clogged up at the moment.

With Dawn at the helm we backed away from the dock.  Since the entire outside of the dock is empty and we still have full fenders out from the rough nights we decided to have Dawn do some docking practice.  The wind is calm and the current near slack so it is the perfect tome to do it. She made two approaches with me in the boat and then I sent her out alone for two more.  Her first solo one was a rather high speed affair, but by the fourth she had better speed control and had a feel for where the bow was.  She brought the boat nicely alongside the dock and I climbed back in.

We wound our way out the channel and made a large loop past the munitions ship as we turned south for the Port Townsend Canal.  Once through the canal we picked up the speed to 12 knots and dumped the ballast.  The seas are calm with a light north wind as we head into Hood Canal.  We ran at 15 knots past Foulweather Bluff and Hood Head down to the east end of the Hood Canal floating bridge.  Charted at 55' we slipped under with no problem.  Once under I took the helm and at 11 knots we made our way down the west side of the canal.  We gave the Bangor Trident Nuclear Submarine base a wide berth as we went south.  It looks like at least one sub is at the docks. 

We rounded Hazel Point and made the turn for Pleasant Harbor.  Crossing Dabob Bay was the roughest part of the trip with seas on the starboard aft quarter.  Once outside the entrance we called the marina and were assigned slip C8.  It's on the dock just past the fuel dock (D) on the left side fairway.  We slid easily into the slip and were soon tied up. 

Soon we were all up checking out and exploring the marina.  The pool while not spectacular was pronounced serviceable by the boys.  Back at the boat we did some cleanup, stowed the ice we bought, and then Dawn and Mike went to the pool.  Nick passed as we didn't have his mask on board.  At this point we have checked in for 2 nights and will play the third by ear.

Mike returned around 5:30 and joined Nick watching "Starwars".  Dawn got back around 5:45, it looks like we are going to order Pizza tonight.  Dawn and I went up to the Dinghy Deli and ordered a half Harbor Special and Half Italian pizza then walked the docks with the dogs for 30 minutes while they cooked it. 

Back at the boat the boys were finishing up disk 4 of the "Office" so we joined then and had dinner, it is a strange show, thankfully that's the end of the season.  Mike is now fishing at every opportunity and Nick has become engrossed in a book.  At 8 the three of us, Nike, Dawn and I, made some popcorn and started the nightly showing of "24".  We watched the 5th episode, then Mike joined us for two more.  We went to bed at 11 to a glass calm and quiet harbor with the moon light beaming in from the cockpit.

Pleasant Harbor Marina

We got up to a bright clear day and strolled up for coffee and milk.  I had a nice long, free shower as Dawn drank her coffee with the dogs.  We did a bit of pick up for the day inside the boat then started breakfast.  Today we are having a big late breakfast of hashbrowns, bacon, and eggs all cooked on the griddle.  We've decided to work on cleaning chores, as after a week out things get a bit dirty, then get some more pool time in.  I went ahead and pulled out the laptop and connected to the BBX wireless for 24 hours as I need to take care of a couple things online.  I then turned the computer over to Nick who has been chomping at the bit to do some gaming.  After a brief nap we actually did get to some cleaning and organizing.  Things are much neater now.

Dawn started a load of laundry then headed to the pool, Mike followed shortly after.  At the switch to the dryer she stopped back by the boat and we forced Nick to leave the computer and get his trunks for some swimming and eventually a shower.  I picked up a few more things and adjusted our dock lines so we sit better in the slip now that the wind has piped up a bit.  Finally the dogs are remaining calmer as we come and go.  I then settled down for some reading alone.

Just before 7 Dawn came down to the boat, the boys were in the shower and wanted burgers at the deli for dinner.  I closed up the boat and walked up with the dogs to join them for dinner.  We all ordered, then hung around waiting for the girls in the deli to cook the food.  Once ready we went over to the deck by the south dock ramp and ate dinner at the picnic tables.

Back at the boat, Mike took to drawing while Nick resumed his game.  Dawn and I grabbed blankets and kicked back in the cockpit.  By 10:30 Nick had moved on to drawing as well and we all retired to our staterooms for the night. It was a nice quiet relaxing evening.  We read for half an hour then turned off the lights.

Pleasant Harbor Marina

We were up at 9 and walked the dogs.  Mike joined us as we strolled around the nearby roads.  We just futzed around doing mostly nothing until 11:30 when we all had a supercharged breakfast of Fruit Loops.  At 12:30, Dawn and Mike headed to the pool and I started on all the refilling tasks that need to be done before we leave.

We've been trying to make contact with Sam as we received an email from one of the other parents last night that indicated the car he was riding in decided to press on home from southern Oregon rather than stop for the night.  We're hampered in this by the lack of cell service here.  We have access to the internet through the marina BBX wireless and have sent a few text messages and email but so far have no reply.

It is 2 pm now and the water, gas, and oil are now all full.  We picked up one more night of internet and I booked one more night here at the marina in slip C8.  At 3:30 I went up to the pool and found Dawn and Mike finishing up.  We stopped by the store and picked up 4 corn dogs and chips as well as some ice.  We finally chased the boys out with the dogs at 5 with garbage to dispose of, but they returned much too soon.

Sam finally checked in by email a bit after 6.  He got home at 2:30 am from their bonsai run starting in Yubba City and ending in Bellevue.  We've squared around the details for tomorrow when he will meet us in Port Ludlow.  Dawn, the boys and the dogs made an ice cream run after 7 just before sunset.  With no wind it's been a hot day.  At least we have a good fan on board. 

They also picked up food for the dogs.  Unfortunately the marina store wanted too much for the dog food they stock so we have a bag of Friskies "Seafood Sensations" cat food.  The dogs don't seem to mind.

The cat food must have given the dogs a wild hair as they bolted when Dawn was on the dock rinsing the enclosure windows.  They miscalculated however and turned right to the dead end instead of left to shore.  We caught up with them further down the dock and had a nice conversation with a couple who keep their boat in permanent moorage here.

We finished the cleaning, pulled the towels, and are ready to continue the season 2 saga of "24".  After the first episode of the night we took on the never pleasant task of emptying the porta potty, then we watched another episode.  It ended at a particularly enticing cliff hanger, so we pressed on for one more episode and turned everything off at midnight.






  A beautiful day for a hike                                                     Hang on

  The biggest gun left at the park

  Ready, Aim, FIRE!

   Hope he has asbestos shorts

  The best spot at the dock

  Dawn doing some docking practice, I hope she stops to pick me back up.

  Powering down Hood Canal at 15 knots                                  Easy clearance at 55'

  Bow Riders, love that wind.

  Pleasant Harbor Marina

  Anything biting?                                                                   Slip C8





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