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Logbook Day 135, 136, 137, 138
7/3/2009 - 7/6/2009

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Thirteen Days in the North Sound
Great Summer Outing

Port Ludlow

Dawn and I were up early at 7:30 for quick showers before we head north.  We hope to leave between 8 and 9 to catch some current help going up the canal.  We also have our hearts set on a cinnamon roll breakfast but found out the store doesn't open until 9 so we have to kill a bit of time. 

We got under way at 9:30 and cruised at a leisurely 7.5 knots up to Port Ludlow arriving at the Couches dock at 1:15.  We tied up on the east side of the dock.  Sam arrived shortly after we pulled in.  We set a bridle off the non-dock side of the boat to Clay's mooring buoy which holds the boat away from the dock and makes the ride a bit better.  The wind is still from the north, and the wind waves and wakes still make it a bit bouncy in the boat.  We are bow in and may need to turn around.

Dawn and I got a nice nap in and we spent the rest of the afternoon socializing as people arrived for the party.  The person who bought the "Attitude" from the Couches, a friend of Steve Couch, arrived for the party in the "Attitude" and tied up on the other side of the dock briefly.  They then headed out with a few others on board for the Puolsbo 3rd of July fireworks show.  They plan to come back late tonight.

Dinner was a choice of chicken or steak on the BBQ or pork loin that Kathy cooked up.  Missy has room for Sam in the trailer so he will sleep in one of their bunk rooms tonight.  This means Nick won't get bumped from his upgraded accommodations in the boat.  As of 8 there is no sign of Pete and Jo Moore who had talked about coming over in their boat so I don't think we will see them today.

Just before dusk at 9, we decided to turn the boat around so it was pointed away from shore.  Dawn and I pulled away from the dock and swapped sides with the lines and fenders then looped back to the dock.  Sam and I then used the Couches dock boat to collect the ends of the bridle from the buoy.

Clay made a big fire and everyone gathered around.  Just after 10 we went to the boat as a big fireworks show on Whidbey Island was visible in the distance.  We watched one episode of "24" then went to bed.

Port Ludlow

We're up at 8:30 with the dogs.  Missy is doing pancakes at 9 so we all walked up there.  After eating we hung around until 11.  The boys hit the beach with their day fireworks Sam had bought.  Dawn decided to take a shower and I took the dogs to the boat for a nap.  The forecast is calling for strong winds from the south starting Sunday at midnight into Monday.  We're debating where to go Sunday and possibly Monday nights.  Sam, they boys, and the dogs will be heading home in the car on Sunday.

More people arrived throughout the day, and by dinner there was quite a crowd. Dinner was potluck although we had some marinated ribs still in the cooler that we grilled up.  Mike seems to be having a reaction to all the sun he has been getting with red spots on his arms and neck. 

By 9 everyone had all the fireworks staged on the beach.  Nick had his bunker built and was ready for the aerial bombardment.  The sunset was a beautiful pink and purple affair.  The beach crew started the show a bit early before it was fully dark but once the first fireworks were lit there was no stopping.  The show lasted for close to 45 minutes with the Couch beach dueling with one further down the cove.  Midway through the show Jenny had had all she could tolerate so Dawn took the two dogs to the boat.

After the show those who had come over in their dinghies from the yacht club outstation re-boarded and departed.  Those of us spending the night gathered around the fire pit.  We talked until well past midnight when we finally went to the boat.  We were all tucked in at 12:40.

Around 3 Mike awoke with stomach pains that required some water and time before we got him settled back in his bunk.

Edmonds Marina

We got up at 9:15 and I walked the dogs up to Missy and Steve's.  Sam slept there again and I left the dogs with him.  Missy and Debbie were already working on breakfast.  I went back to the boat and roused the boys, then we all went up to the trailer with our breakfast food. 

Around 11 we went to the boat to pack the boys clothes for their trip home.  Mike and Nick are already in the van ready to go.  We have decided to have Sam drive around across the Tacoma Narrows bridge rather than wait in the ferry line.  At 11:30 they all rolled out on their way home.  Sam has his two brothers and the dogs, along with directions that will hopefully help him find his way south across the bridge.

Dawn and I made our way back to the boat at 12:45 after saying our goodbyes to everyone still left.  We cast off our lines and headed across the bottom of Admiralty Inlet and the Sound.  With ballast in we set a easy pace of 7 knots.  The flood tide is with us and at times we are making 9 knots.  We crossed a few rips along the way but in general had a smooth crossing in a lumpy 1'-2' sea.  There is no wind so the only waves are from the current and the wakes.

The ferry had been at the Edmonds dock for quite a while so I set a course more to the south to give it and a large tug going north a wide berth.  Once clear I turned east for the marina. 

As we crossed the tug's wake we rode up the steep first wave and down the other side.  The second wave from it's wake was very tall and close behind the first.  The bow of the boat didn't have enough time to lift in he narrow steep trough and instead planted itself straight into the face of the second wave.  The green water buried the bow of the boat and climbed all the way up over the dinghy lashed to the fore deck and to the mast step.  After a moment the bow lifted and shook off it's load of water. 

Unfortunately on this nice calm crossing we had the fore deck hatch closed but not secured.  The force of the water rushing over the bow opened it and dumped a large amount of water onto the vee berth and our bedding and pillows.  Dawn went below with many towels and did her best to soak up the largest puddles as we made our way through the marina entrance. 

Once we were tied up at the dock we both went below and removed all the wet stuff and brought it up to dry.  We were able to tie the two halves of our double sleeping along the boom and lashed the memory foam mattress topper to the top of the dodger and bimini.  I'm sure those at the Edmonds Yacht Club appreciated our laundry display as our guest slip is right in front of the club.  At least it was sunny and the wind came up later in the afternoon allowing everything to dry before bed.

With all the remaining wet spots dried below, we relaxed in the cockpit and had a cold beer.  Just before we crossed the tug wake Sam had called at 2:45 indicating they were all home and everything was fine which was relief to Dawn.

We're going to spend the night here, ride out the forecast storm, and hopefully go south to the locks tomorrow afternoon.  It's 4:30 and the wind is already picking up from the south.  Small Craft Advisories are posted from 6 pm until Monday afternoon.

We closed up the boat and walked up to the office to register.  Moorage was only $23 and as first time visitors we received the "Port of Edmonds" welcome bag of literature and gifts.  It has a "Destination Port of Edmonds" discount card for local merchants good until 2010.  We're going to use it for dinner.

We bought some ice, then walked north on the boardwalk to dinner.  Rather than go to Anthony's which is right in front of the boat, we walked north to Archie's.  We got a nice table looking north towards the ferry on the deck, a much nicer view than Anthony's, and enjoyed a great dinner.  I had chowder then Halibut and Chips, Dawn went for the Alaskan King Crab legs.  It was a very nice meal without kids or dogs. 

We strolled back to the boat at 7:45.  It's a sunny peaceful night but the wind is picking up as forecast.  A large Carver 39' motor yacht pulled in on the other side of of our finger dock while we were at dinner and it's 3 story bulk is doing a nice job of protecting us from the worst of the wind.

Dawn went out to shoot some pictures around the marina while I got our bed re-assembled.  It's a quarter to 10 now and we are snug in the boat while the wind roars outside.  The marina flags along the boardwalk are flapping furiously with each gust.  I doubled the dock lines by running another set from the stanchions to make sure we sleep soundly.  Time to turn in to the newly dried bed and read.

Newport Shores Launch Ramp

We slept late, until 11, as the wind is suppose to be lighter in the afternoon.  After a quick breakfast we securely dogged the front hatch and slipped the lines at noon.  The seas were still 2'-4' with winds 15-25 knots from the southwest.  We're all zipped in the enclosure and with ballast full we can make only 4-5 knots before the boat starts to launch of the wave tops and slam down.  At least the ride is much better going into the wind than it was going with it 13 days ago.

We settled in for the slow rough slog south, thank heavens for the full canvas.  There is constant spray flying and without it we would be soaked and miserable.  Once past the tank farm, we went closer to shore and followed the arc of the shoreline.  It's a bit smoother near shore and we could now make 5-6 knots. The kite surfers are out in force screaming along the wave tops in this strong wind.  

We rounded Meadows Point and turned for the north entrance of ShilShole marina.  We entered the marina and used the breakwater for shelter as we made our way through it and out the south entrance.

There were a couple boats waiting at the locks.  As has happened many times before however, the "Goodtime II" tour boat pulled in right behind us and used the next full small lock cycle all to itself.  We circled and waited until finally the water was back at our level and the green light came on for the small lock. 

A large power boat went in first and they struggled to simply get their floating house close enough to the wall to place their lines over the yellow buttons.  After having to hang out in the deep concrete tunnel waiting, the lock attendants finally had the large boat secure and a Nordic Tug 37 both tied to the port wall.  This allowed the remaining 3 smaller boats to go forward and tie up to the starboard wall. 

The ride up was quick and soon we were headed home in the ship canal.  The bridge tender quickly opened the Fremont bridge when we sounded the horn and the "Adventuress" went under from the other direction shortly after we cleared through.  The wind is still very high and even small Lake Union and Portage Bay had white caps.  We are heeling 15 degrees to port in the gusts without any sails up at all. 

Once out in Lake Washington we crossed over north of the 520 bridge in relative calm then made the turn south into once again steep seas.  The lake was easily as rough as the Sound, at least the freshwater spray is rinsing off the salt water.  We slowly made our way at 5 knots until we reached the wind shadow of Mercer Island.  From there it was an easy trip to the dock at the Newport Shores launch.

We arrived just before 5 and quickly struck the canvas and the cockpit items before we called Sam.  By the time he rolled up with the truck and trailer we had the mast down and things secure enough to drive home.

Floating the boat on the trailer stalled about 2' short of normal as we still have the ballast in.  I had to back the trailer in about 3' more for the boat to float on to the bow roller as normal.  We then winched it up the rest of the way.  Dawn climbed aboard to pull the ballast vent as I pulled the boat clear of the water.  Still sitting on the ramp, I opened the transom valve and we waited for the 1,100 lbs of water to drain from the tank.  We did the final securing tasks and were on our way home 15 minutes later.  We backed the boat into the driveway at 6 pm.





  Leaving Pleasant Harbor at low tide.

  Outside the entrance                                                           Bye

  On the Couches beach                                                          Sinking in the sand

  The Couches compound.

  Pink and Purple sunset.

  Smile!                                                                                An early burst.

  Ohhh,                                                                                 Ahhhh

  Fire in the Hole!

  Dock visitors                                                                        Edmonds Marina

  Bring on the Alaskan King Crab Legs

  Kite Surfers while going south

  Looks fun                                                                           Under the Fremont Bridge, the "Adventuress".

  Rough Lake Union






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