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Logbook Day 14, 15, 16 & 17
7/5/2002 - 7/8/2002

Fort Flagler


Got a late start so decided to launch and stay in Everett.  During the setup I noticed that a large section of tread on the right trailer tire was gone.  After launching the boat, Nick and I took the trailer into town to get the tire replaced.  Found one place still open.  They stayed late and put on a pair of used passenger radials with the closest weight range they could find.  Should get us home, $38. Once back at the launch the boys wanted to go somewhere so we went out to the end of the jetty and back.  Very rough outside.  We then went back to the overnight docks at the park and spent the night. Wonderful sunset.  Too much light and noise for a comfortable night.  Constant time keeping beeps/whistles from the naval base every 15 to 30 minutes all night.  Very early traffic at the launch as the wave of fishermen left.

Everett to Fort Flagler

Left Everett early.  Went south around Whidbey into channel.  Wind came up around island so we sailed for a bit but were becalmed. Went back to power at 10 knots minus a 1.5 knot current against us.  Seas built and crossing Admiralty Inlet was somewhat wet.  First 6 gal tank ran out just short of Oak Bay. Going through Port Townsend canal was a 4 knot head current with the flood tide. We decided to go to Port Townsend for fuel and Ice. We then went across to Kilisut harbor. Ran the winding channel and went down to Mystery Bay.  The park and beach were small and we didn't like the buoys available. We went back up the harbor to Ft Flagler and took the south end buoy.  Dawn and the boys went to shore while I cleaned up and napped.  Clear hot day and a calm night. FRS radios worked great.  Broke another board in the dingy.  I see a diet in the future.

Fort Flagler

Woke up to light rain.  After breakfast we decided to go over to the dock which was mostly empty.  Boys went to beach and continued working on fort.  We cleaned up and went to fetch the boys for a hike. After tracking down Nick, we headed off for a nice but wet walk.  First we checked out the search light building and the found our way to the old fire control bunker for lunch.  We continued on to the artillery bunkers to explore.  We arrived back at the boat very wet.  An improvised awning from the section of canvas we were given helped the drying process.  We spent the afternoon inside. Late in the afternoon everyone wanted to fish and crab in a pouring rainstorm. Dawn, Sam, Nick and Mike worked the sea for a dozen minnows and 3 nice red rock crab for dinner including the nasty one that pinched Dawns finger. We had a great crab and pasta dinner.  We are the only boat at the dock.  Wind and rain came in throughout the night.  Not as comfortable at the dock when rough and quite loud with all the banging.

Fort Flaggler to Everett

Boys headed to the beach early.  They found a octopus on the beach at low tide which they rescued and watched at the waters edge.  It stuck around in the shallows for over a half hour letting the boys play with it. After a lazy morning and some more fishing for monster minnows we headed out.  Tide was still low so we ran the winding channel slowly.  Once out in the bay the flood tide was with us so we made good time.  It was a quick run downstream through the rapids in the Port Townsend canal. Played a bit with different rpm's.  The motor definitely likes 3500 better than 3000.  It runs much smoother with no rpm drift. As we headed across Admiralty Inlet a trident sub appeared to the north.  We crossed ahead and enjoyed the view as it went by. Dawn took the helm until the Whidbey buoy.  Everyone else including Dawn then went below for a nap.  Once around the south tip the wind came up and it was rough into Everett. We put the boat on the trailer and the tires looked awfully low.  We took everything possible off the boat and into the truck to reduce the weight.  I stopped at the first available gas station and inflated the tires up to 40psi even though they said max 35psi. We took the slow road home via highway 2 and 9 and made it without incident.
























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