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Logbook Days 18, 19, 20 & 21
8/27/2002 - 8/30/2002

Harstien Island

Latimers Landing to Jarrells Cove

Got a late start, as usual.  Left house at 12:30, drove to Latimers landing.  Took the time to make a headstay adjustment on the trailer before launching. Dawn drove the truck to Dana's.  I took the boat to the beach and picked her up.  It's so nice to be able to just pull the bow right up to the beach.  She climbed up on the bow. Motored up to Jarrells cove and took the buoy furthest into the bay.  Worked out hanging up the sunshade canopy.  Filled dingy, BBQ'ed chicken, then took Chelsea to shore at dusk.  Deer was right at clearing in park.  Quiet evening, dead calm, good sleep.

Jarrells Cove to Hope Island

Got up around 9am, took dog to dock, then had a light breakfast. Went over to the fuel dock and topped up the fuel and water and got ice. Motored to Chapman beach towing the dingy.  Anchored with the Bruce off beach.  Dingy'd in an went up to get the kids.  We all rowed out to the boat. Cruised slowly (2500rpm/6knots) around the north end of Squaxin and down the west channel to Hope Island. Anchored in 15' on 70' using the Bruce.  Set well.  Put up the canopy. Dawn and the kids went to shore. Flooded the ballast and got ready for a calm night.

At dusk we had the tugboat incident.  A large tug came through the channel between Squaxin and Hope throwing up a huge wake.  It hit the boat beam on and rolled us hard.  Stuff fell around inside as we were at anchor and not ready for healing back and forth over 30 degrees. Used the new leecloth for Mike and our divider wall. Stars were great as was the phosphorescence.  We brought the kids up through the bow hatch to watch.  Then, the Indians of Squaxin started lighting of huge fireworks.  Quite the show in and above the water.

Hope Island to McMicken Island

Woke up early, boat was sailing a lot, dropped rudders to stabilize.  Made a quick trip to the shore for the dog. Wind was up so decided to sail.  Pulled up anchor and sailed off using the main, no motor.  Headed down around the south end of Squaxin. ; Rolled out the genoa and sailed at 5+ knots on close tack. Thought light at Boston Harbor was the south end of Harstine.  Ended up sailing toward Olympia.  Turned around on reach back up to Harstine.  Nick tried his hand at driving.  Channel was dead down wind.  Tested the new whisker pole wing on wing. Worked great, 5 knots on a dead run.  Stayed on run around point then noticed the spreader problem. One of the screws had fallen out and the spreader tip had rotated up.  Dropped sails quickly and started motor. Motored to McMicken.  Wind is way up 20+ with gusts to 30 knots.  Checked out anchoring along Harstine shore but went for the south buoy instead. Went to shore for a couple of hours then came back for dinner. Boat is sailing back and forth over 120 degrees of arc, right in sync with the power boat behind us.  Looking out the window can make you dizzy. Wind finally dropped around 9:30pm when we tucked in after a movie on the DVD player.

McMicken Island to Latimers landing

Got up at 8:30.  Kids fished. Sam caught a small flounder.  Had breakfast and second breakfast. Decided to head over to Jarrells to see how space looked.  Sam drove from McMicken to Jarrells dumping ballast on the way. Parked at the outer dock next to the gangway from shore.  We decided to head home a day early.  While the kids fished we lowered the mast.  Worked well.  Everything is all buttoned up for the road before we put the boat on the trailer.  Dawn rowed the kids over to the marina to get ice cream. Left Jarrells, buzzed down down to Chapmans at 5000 rpm.  Dropped off Dawn at the beach then went back to the launch, met her and pulled the boat out.

Good trip.
























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