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Logbook Days 22 & 23
6/1/2003 - 6/2/2003


Newport to Juanita Beach

Got our usual late start from home for the quick drive down to Newport Shores (10 min). Set up went very smooth and quick.  We were ready to leave at 2:30 pm. Motored north under bridge and then powered at 12 knots up to medina point.  The chop was up so we slowed to 7 knots up to 520 bridge. After we under the east channel bridge we rounded up and set the sails.  Wind started light and filled in nicely until Sand point.  The boat was well balanced in the 10 knot breeze with the new rig adjustments. Once we passed Sand Point the wind went way up, 20+ knots.  We were instantly over powered and the boat rounded up into irons.  Even with the genoa furled over 1/2 we could not make any headway and get out of irons. We furled the genoa and motorsailed with main only up to Juanita Bay. We looked east and then anchored west of dock in 6' of water.  Claw didn't hold well in mud so I set the Guardian as well. Dawn took Nick, Mike and the dog into shore in the small dingy, we did not bring the normal one. They played and then went to Spuds and got fish and chips for dinner. Sam and I stayed on the boat and zipped in the enclosure panels and cleaned up. What a difference the enclosure makes.  The kids watched a DVD down in the cabin at the table while Dawn and I read the paper up in the cockpit.  We now have multiple rooms on our little boat. Sam slept in the cockpit across the rear seats.  Worked well.

Juanita Beach to Newport

We woke up in the morning and the boat and the enclosure was home to masses of small flies on the outside.  We decided to pull anchor and blow them off under power. We headed south to Kirkland dumping ballast.  Docked at the downtown marina.  Kids played and fished and swam. The docks were very exposed to the NW swells and it was rough.  We left and motored at 15 knots back south under the I-90 east channel bridge and did our man overboard drills under power.  Sam went first and did a good job of getting the boat back to the ring.  Dawn then took her turn.  Hope I don't fall over anytime soon.  We then deployed our lifesling and practiced bringing it to the overboard ring. We went up to Luther Burbank park dock for lunch.  Kids did more fishing and then went off to the swimming area.  The dock was fairly well protected.  I changed the enclosure over to sun shade mode and rested with a book on tape from my PDA. We headed out to the launch at 5:00 and pulled out. Tear down went well. New foam was sooooo much better to sleep on.
























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