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Logbook Day 24 & 25
7/4/2003 - 7/5/2003

Port Ludlow

Everett to Port Ludlow

We were invited to attend a 4th of July celebration at the Couches in Port Ludlow.  They offered their dock for us to stay at.

We launched in Everett and crossed over below Whidbey Island.  Once out in Admiralty Inlet the seas got quite rough.  We fought our way across and much appreciated the protection the new canvas provided.  Nick got sea sick on the way over.  Once across we tied up to the Couches dock next to their powerboat.  There was a huge crowd including Dede and Steve and many others we knew.  The kids played in the sand beach and generally enjoyed running around.  After a huge dinner feed we all settled in for fireworks.  I think everyone had cleaned out the local Indian reservation.  It was a huge show.  Many  people dinghy'd over from the local yacht club outstation to watch the show.  Once every explosive had been lit we turned in for the night.

Port Ludlow to Everett

The next morning we woke up and had another breakfast feast then left to go back across.  We stopped at the marina for fuel then left the harbor.  It was much calmer going east.  We had to get home early as the next day we were leaving for 4 days at Lake Chelan.
























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