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Logbook Days 26 & 27
7/31/2003 - 8/1/2003

Sea Fair

Newport to Luther Burbank

We launched in the lake late Thursday evening in anticipation of going to the log boom the next morning.  We set up mastless for the first time leaving the mast and boom at home.  Everything else was rigged as we has a short trailer trip on surface streets.  We pulled up to the launch, took off the strap and dropped the boat in.  We anchored just off Luther Burbank park and settled in for the night.  It was very exposed to boat wakes there and we rolled all night long.  Where are all these people going in their boats in the middle of the night?  Centerboard kept banging, we tried to tie it to one side but couldn't get the banging to stop.

Luther Burbank to Newport via Logboom

Rising early the morning we got under way quickly to stop the rolling.  We went around the north end of Mercer island and across to the west I-90 high-rise.  There we got our day pass and went to the log boom.  For a boat our size to stern tie for the weekend it is $400.  On Friday it is free.  After a bit of searching we found a slot to back into and rafted to a 35' power boat.  We watched the hydro's out the back as the made their qualifying runs.  In the breaks there were a number of aerobatic acts in the air show.  Everything from Biplanes to Jets.

At noon the main show started off the bow with a flyby by Fat Albert.  This was followed by the Blue Angels flying an amazing show in front of us and right over our heads.  We were just a bit north of center point so the view was tremendous.

Once they finished the area kept clear between the boom and Mercer island was opened to other boats, but they had to stay clear behind a line of buoys keeping them away from the log boom.  This made us feel so special.  We had lunch, the kids swam around the boom, and then we decided to head out at 2pm.  We went east and north under I-90 and back into the east channel.  There we blew up the tube and pulled the kids around for quite a while.  We then anchored near shore for some sunning and swimming. 

Having no mast to deal with made for a quick and simple recovery at the launch.  We were home 10 minutes after we winched the boat on the trailer. 
























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