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Logbook Days 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, & 34
8/9/2003 - 8/15/2003

San Juans

Cornet Bay

We left a day early for the San Juan Rendezvous I had spent the spring coordinating.  Rather than launching in Everett we decided to trailer up to Cornet Bay were everyone else was launching.  When we arrived at the park there was a huge "Latitudes and Attitudes" party going on.  They were rafted 3 deep on the floats and the music was pumping out.  After setup, we launched and went around to Cornet Bay Marina where they found a slip for us. 

The kids fished and tried out the new crab snares.  We had the usual Weanies and Beanies for dinner.  It was a quiet calm night.  We finished the setup of the canvas and Nick slept in the cockpit, Mike to starboard and Sam to port in the aft berth.  Bags down the center kept everyone apart.  Great sleeping arrangement.  Used the window covers for the vee berth with the divider panel.  Very nice.  Centerboard shims seem to have reduced the noise.

Cornet Bay

We woke to a calm morning with a little rain.  Other Boats began showing up to launch.  We moved over to the main park dock as the party boats headed out.  We spent the afternoon greeting and helping out with launches and finding space for everyone at the dock.  We squeezed in all the boats, 6 are in the marina and 8 are at the park dock.  We moved ours to the end of the dock for more privacy in the evening.

Cornet Bay to Blakely Island via Deception Pass

We all left Cornet bay in the morning at 9am and headed out through Deception pass.  Slack was at 9:33am.  One boat had engine problems and was not able to leave with us.  We had no problems in the pass and then headed north up the east shore of Rosario Strait until Alan Island where we turned west to cross for Lopez Pass.  Once inside Lopez sound we raised sails and ran north until Frost Island at 3 knots dead down wind wing on wing with the whisker pole.  We then started the motor and went north to the Blakely Island marina entrance.  The current is tricky at the entrance and it is quite narrow. 

Once inside we tied up at slip A7.  We had lunch, 15 boats in so far, 3 more to come.  Mike managed to slip into the space between the dock and the boat and got wet up to his thighs.  He also stubbed his toe badly.  We had a big group BBQ at 5:30 in the cabana.  There were also many boat tours.  The final 3 boats arrived during dinner.  All accounted for.  Great marina, Quiet Calm night.

Blakely Island to Echo Bay, Sucia Island

We woke up late at 9:00 and everyone had a nice hot shower.  Once we filled the water and the fuel we were ready to go.  We left at 11am for Sucia Island.  We went out through Pevine pass and out into Rosario north along Orcas.  Once we rounded Lawrence point it was a north run up between Barnes and Clark.  There were lots of seals on the rocks.  We proceeded up past Matia to Sucia.  We saw a Minki whale along the way.  Once in Echo bay we looked to the west area but found no buoys or good spot to anchor.  We decided to anchor in the NE corner. 

I set the Bruce in 12.5' on 75' scope.  There were 3 large river otters on the bluff just behind us.  We had lunch, inflated the dinghy and took the boys to the beach.  I then cleaned up the boat and rowed around talking to the other boats as they arrived.  Everyone came back from the beach around 6pm and we had a shrimp and pasta dinner. We followed this with 'Piglets big movie' and popcorn.  The harbor filled up with many more boats.  I set out a second anchor to shore to limit swinging and because it seemed to me like the bruce had drug.  We had a calm night but there were rollers coming in from the south.  The centerboard still does clunk.

Sucia Island to Roche Harbor

We woke to clear blue skies and a light wind from the south.  The schooner "Adventuress" moved closer in and anchored just west of us.  We went to the beach and found the otters just off shore diving and eating.  There were small squid in the tide pools.  We headed out at noon.  We explored around Sucia looking at all the bays for future reference.  Liked Fox cove best just inside Little Sucia.  We then turned west and headed down Presidents channel. 

It was a smooth ride with a favorable current that let us run comfortably at 10-11 knots at 3500 rpm.  Things got quite rough just off the south tip of Spiden in the channel.  Once through we went into Roche harbor.  Circling by the fuel dock we were given the outside end of slip J15.  Craig Muma in the 26c have the inside end.  They fit two of our boats in the slips made for one of the mega yachts.  Drathmans are just across the dock opposite us.  We have 15 macs at the docks with one anchored out.  Nice large marina with great service and the price to go with it.  We have the party barge for a BBQ tonight.  We all enjoyed watching the flag lowering ceremony.  Quiet calm night, again.

Roche Harbor

Another clear day.  We had breakfast at the cafe then the boys went off with the Drathmans to swim at the pool.  Dawn and I had a nice walk around the grounds and up to the 'Art Walk' field.  We followed this up with some nice hot showers.  We then returned to the boat to relax, we met the boys on their way home from the pool.  We have decided not to go to Jones, but to stay a second night at Roche.  Frank was having trouble with his Tohatsu.  As part of the troubleshooting they managed to hand start the cold motor.  Nice to know it can be done. 

The boys spent the afternoon collecting creatures and creating an aquarium on the dock, 25 cents admission.  We had the 3 Drathman boys join us for a BBQ dinner and picnic on the dock while their parents got some time away.  We followed this with a movie night.  The Drathmans returned and we sat out in the cockpit having good conversation.  It was another quiet night.  Both "Friendship" and "Oh Baby" got salmon on the west side of San Juan Island.

Roche Harbor to Cornet Bay

We left Roche harbor after filling the fuel and water headed for Spencer Spit.  In Spiden channel outside Roche we again hit some rough water.  We were motoring at 6 knots.  One large wave on the rear quarter caused a broach.  Lifted the engine clear out of the water and we heeled quite a bit to port.  Once clear of the rough water and in nearer to shore we headed down San Juan channel.  We turned west through Wasp passage under Yellow island.  The way wound into Westsound and Harvey channel then past Humphery Head and through the narrow pass west of Frost island.  The wind is up with rain sprinkles.  We found a buoy at Spencer and almost stayed, but we then decided to go back inside as it looked like the weather would get worse.  We went out through Thatcher pass and south west of James Is. then across Rosario to Allen Is.

We had to dodge many fishing nets on the way to Deception pass.  We topped up the fuel from our spare can before entering the pass.  Deception was running at max flood current of 7 knots according to the table.  We proceeded in dodging around the whirlpools which the boys loved.  Inside we tied up to the park dock. 

We were getting ready to pack up to leave when Dawn decided she wasn't ready to go yet.  Instead we headed out and went over to the north side of Hope Island,  I set two anchors as there were no buoys.  The wind is up over 25 knots and we are dragging some.  This convinced us it was time to go.  Dawn took the boys to beach while I packed the boat for pullout.  When we had dragged as close to the boat behind as I wanted to be I got everyone back from shore and we pulled the anchors and headed back to the ramp.  Dawn drove through the driving spray back around the point.  We pulled the boat out, tore down and headed for home.


  *The Original Route Plan For the Rendezvous
























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