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Logbook Day 35


Newport to Newport

We launched mastless at Newport.  Very quick, had most things already set up.  We motored out through the Montlake cut and the ship canal to the locks for the first time.  We tied up at the small lock to wait.  It was an easy time riding down, we were the only boat in the lock.  It was a long drop to a very low tide.  There were many salmon jumping all over in the locks.  We went out and south to West Point to fish. 

We made four passes drifting and mooching for salmon with no luck.  We tried buzz bombs and minnow lures.  Twice we moved to where the birds were and drifted through with no luck.  We pulled up and headed south to the north side of Blake Island.  We drifted the north bank but still didn't get a nibble.  Nick got his line stuck in the prop.  We went west and tied up to the horizontal mooring system.  We fished more there but couldn't even get any little ones. 

We then motored around the south end of the island and up to the park dock area where we tied up.  The kids ran around and enjoyed seeing the deer and playing on the playground.  We made a fast run north back to the locks arriving at 6pm.  We had to wait again, this time the large lock was open.  We were rafted to another boat on the wall and one was rafted to us.  It was dusk when we left the locks. 

We motored in the dark through the canal and out into lake union and on to Lake Washington.  Quite a different experience at night.  Navigation is tough with all the lights in an urban environment.  Add to this the unlighted buoys materializing out of the dark and it was a interesting time.  Thank goodness for the nice bright GPS map.  We had a quick pullout and trip home in the dark.  Glad we didn't have to mess with the mast. 

We need more fuel on board.  We had to use the spare 2 gallons to make sure we didn't go dry approaching the dock in the dark.  To little margin.

























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