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Logbook Days 39, 40, and 41
4/12/2004 - 4/14/2004

Central Sound.

Newport to Illahee State Park

Launched at 11am. Our early start was delayed by extra sleeping. We are set up for a mastless trip. Full canvas and everything out for a quick launch at Newport.

Once under the I90 bridge we engaged the new auto pilot. It steered the whole way to 520. We ran with all boards up at 11 knots. The best performance was on the 2nd click up from low. It steered a straighter course than hand steering.

Once to 520 we hand steered through the cut and into Lake Union. Just off gasworks the 3 gal tank ran out, only 9 miles. Switched to the port 6.5 and went to the small lock. Boats were just coming up. We were right behind a Seattle police boat. Clean locking, no problems, good exit.

Once out to Shilshoe entrance we tested the route following nav mode. The pilot does not see NEMA output from the Pocket PC as I expected. Switched to the route in the gps and the pilot picked right up. When acquiring it beeps for initial permission to turn to follow the route. We were north of track so it slewed us south, picked up route and ran dead down the route line. At each waypoint it beeped for permission to turn.

We were running slow, 5.8 knots to keep the noise down for the kids movie. Tried a little centerboard and motor only, but this got squirrelly and the pilot lost control. Put down one rudder and the track was rock solid.

At this speed we are just 1 amp positive on power with everything running. Will check at higher throttle. May need separate switches for each device.

At the Agate pass entrance the pilot asked for the turn which I ok'd. The turn was to soon and we had to take over. Part of the problem is the poor gps map used to build the route, but the pilot also seems to ask for the turn early. Best to let it beep a bit before acknowledging.

Went through agate pass against a 3 knot ebb current. Only getting 2-3 knots over ground.

It steered flawlessly down Port Orchard passage. What a treat to be able to look around, use binocs, do chores with out constantly worrying about steering. Great addition to the boat.  Finished at just +1 amp hour on meter.

Tied up inside on the Illahee dock north of the ramp. Boys and Dawn went to beach. Tide is low. Nice park, no one else here, all 5 south moorings are empty. A bit exposed but night looks to be calm. The fee is now .50 a foot, $13. Occasional ferry wakes from nearby Rich passage rolled through. We had nice dinner and settled in at 9pm, Nick in the cockpit. Power at bed before reading, -4.8 amp hours.

Illahee to Poulsbo

Finished up at -5.7ah as of the morning.

Woke to beautiful sunny morning at high tide. Kids had breakfast then went to beach. Calm quiet, the park is empty. Occasional rollers from wakes, the dock is not well protected.

Cast off at 11, both Dawn and Sam did some up and down wind docking practice. We then headed up to Brownsville to get info about the museum. Gorgeous marina.  Can't walk to the museum like the guide book says.

We then proceeded north for Poulsbo and arrived around 3pm. Slip fee $15 including power. Current batt at -3.1ah. Went for walk around town. Ice cream, visit to the marine science center, $14 for all to get in.

Went to dinner at the Bayside grill, fish & chips all around. Then back to the boat for a movie and jiffy pop. Midway through a big storm cell hit. Strong winds and driving rain. By bed all was calm again.

Power is now +1.8ah with the charger plugged in. Running lights and inverter to charge gameboys reduces input from 5.2 to 2.1 amps

Poulsbo to Newport

There was more rain in the morning then it cleared off.  We had a comfortable trip back.  The wind was up from the south once we exited Agate pass.  We sat dry and comfortable in the closed enclosure as the autopilot drove us across to Shilshoe with spray flying well aft of the boat on the starboard side.

We had to wait at the locks for a tour boat yet again, then went up in the small lock and out.  It was calm until the 520 bridge.  When we went under that all hell broke loose with the roughest water we have yet encountered.  After going south a bit it dawned on me that this was stupid, and we turned back north for the shelter of the bridge.  We quickly crossed along the north side as the spray crashed over the cars on the bridge.  We then tucked under and went south along the shore back to the Newport ramp.
























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