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Logbook Days 58, 59 and 60
7/07/2004 - 7/09/2004

San Juan Parks
Back in the US we relaxed at some of our favorite San Juan stops.

Poets Cove to Jones Island

After a couple of early morning showers we left Bedwell for the US.  It was a smooth run across the border to Stuart, through tight Johns passage and to Roche Harbor to clear customs.  There was person in the office here.  I presented all my documents including passports and birth certificates and the agent proceeded to type and type, no doubt having to once again create an entry for the first time in their database.  She asked about our purchases, beef and chicken, tobacco and citrus products.  Having given all the right answers we head out to the dock.  I thought she was going to board and inspect, but she simply asked Dawn a few of the same questions, seeing if our answers matched, then she gave us our clearance number and wished us a good day. 

Now back into the US we went to the fuel dock to re-stock for our next 3 days out.  After everything was filled and emptied, we moved to the main dock to await the results of Dawn and Nicks shopping trip.  Then, loaded anew we turned east for Jones Island.  We pulled into the north bay.  It was quite a bit smaller than I remembered and was already full of a number of boats.  All the buoys were taken and the dock was full. 

We decided to shore tie to the south shore.  The wind was up a bit.  We dropped the Claw in the middle and backed in.  I then took the shore line to the beach and found a tree.  It was quite a struggle  with the wind on the beam to get everything setup and we ended up with the anchor to far from shore again.  Even with 120' of rode out we couldn't get where we needed to be and were to close to a boat on the nearby mooring.  We're learning, slowly.  Sam and I set the other anchor closer in using the dinghy and pulled up the first.  This let us fall back to just a few yards from shore in 3' of water.  We were right at low tide for the day so we would have no problems, but boy did it look close and shallow. 

We all went to the beach after a good, all family effort in which everyone had a part in the anchoring process.  Everyone had a good time combing the gravel beach for treasures and stretching their legs.  Once back for dinner we set out the other anchor for some extra security during the night as the rocks are so close. 

Jones Island to Fox Cove on Sucia Island

The next morning we pulled up the anchors and headed for Sucia.  We went up Presidents channel just before 10 in a very light wind.  We had planned to sail, but once again ended up proceeding under power.  Once past Point Doughty the seas came up a bit.  We entered Fox cove and selected a mooring.  I was worried there wouldn't be any available but three of the four were empty.  Soon after we arrived the only other boat there left, and we had the whole cove to ourselves.  We selected the SE buoy. 

Quickly we dropped the kids at shore so we could clean up a bit and make lunch.  We thought about moving to Shallow Bay but decided to stay put as having Little Sucia close is very appealing.  We put the motor on the dinghy and got the boys back for the food, then we turned the dinghy over to them. 

This was a first sending them all off alone in a motor vehicle under the control of captain Sam.  They zoomed around the bay tentatively at first, but were soon doing doughnuts and racing around the buoys at full speed.  Once they returned all smiles I took them to Little Sucia to build a fort.  Abandoned with nothing more than a radio they were left to explore. 

A short while later they called on the radio saying Nick required medical attention as he has blood running down both legs.  I took snacks and the first aid kit in and patched him up.  Later, Dawn and I both joined them on the beach and we worked on the framing for the fort as all the driftwood was quite large. 

We left around 4:00pm and noticed on the way that Mike didn't have his life jacket.  He couldn't remember where he left it.  Back at the beach Dawn, Nick and Mike went north and I sent Sam south to retrace their steps.  Mike returned saying they didn't find it and Sam came back saying he went as far as they had gone and he didn't find it.  I remembered Mike had it when I made the medical trip, so I knew it had to be around the south point.  I left Sam with the dinghy and went that way, Dawn followed.  On the far opposite side of the island up against the cliff I found it.  Dawn joined me and we radioed for Sam to bring the dinghy and his brothers around to pick us up.  Since we were half way around already we continued to circumnavigate the island the rest of the way in the dinghy. 

We then stopped by the pay box on the dock in the bay east across the narrow section of island.  Nick and Mike spent some time climbing on the mushroom rocks worn away by the tidal action and then we went back to the boat.  We put down the crab pot and prepared to watch the movie 'Miracle'.  We caught 3 crabs; 2 Red Rock and a Dungeness.  We made a large pot of water, but it never would come to a boil on the stove which was low on fuel.  We finally moved it out to the propane kettle on the back and got the crab cooked.  We had a late night and finished the movie at midnight.

Fox Cove on Sucia Island

The next day we slept late then had a nice French toast breakfast.  I took the boys to the main beach and did some dishes.  Bee's are everywhere.  The screened enclosure has been a must in keeping out the mosquitoes and bees.  I picked up the boys and we went to the island while Dawn napped.  Mike got wet so Sam took him to the boat, then we got some sprinkles so they had to come get Nick and I.  Toward the evening Dawn and I went to get more water and then we sent the boys to the beach to burn some energy.  It's nice to just tell them to get in the dinghy and go by themselves.  More boats are filling the cove including some lightning daysailers each with three on board that sailed in and then set up camp. They anchored out in the shallows.  Looks like a camp program to look into for the kids in the future.  Such a nice sunset.  A couple power boats had trouble setting their anchor in the channel between Little Sucia and us.  It was a calm quiet night with a bit of rain in the very early morning.

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