Duane, Dawn,
Sam, Nick, and Mike
(Jessy and Jenny)



Logbook Day 65

Water Toy Play Day
We went out mastless Labor day on Lake Washington and buzzed around towing the tube, the kneeboard and even water-skied a bit. 
A day to make you dizzy looking at the GPS track.

Newport to Newport

We pulled out the boat and removed the mast at home before heading to the lake. 
A short drive to the Newport Shores launch and we were under way.  Launching without a mast is so nice.  We had the boys friend Jeff from across the street with us for a total of 6 on board.

We headed north under the east channel bridge and up to the area just off Luther Burbank Park.  Jeff was the first out on the tube, followed by Mike.  Nick jumped off the side of the boat for his turn but he wore himself out trying climb in the tube from the water.  It kept flipping over on him.  We finally put down the swim ladder for him and he was so tired he didn't want to go so Sam went next.  After some tube time we noticed it was past lunch so we pulled in to the park and anchored just south of the docks. 

The sun never fully came out as they had predicted so it was a bit chilly.  We warmed up with "Cup O Noodles" all around.  The boys passed the time feeding the numerous ducks.  Nick wanted to go play on shore so I launched him in the tube for the beach, but the rope came up just short.  We pulled up anchor and motored out towing him behind.

After Nicks ride we switched to the more advanced water toys.  Jeff went first on the new knee board.  On his first try he couldn't get up on his knees but he made it on the second try.  He never could get the strap adjusted right and couldn't get into the full upright position.  Sam was next on the kneeboard.  He got to the hands and knees position a couple times as well but never upright.  Since somebody had to do it dad jumped in next.

I was able to get upright, but hadn't enlarged the strap enough so it was a squirrelly ride on the tail.  I did get outside the wake before I bit it.  Since I was in the water I decided to give skiing a try.  We brought our matched pair of slalom skis so I strapped them on.  On the first try I was to far forward and did a nose dive.  The second start was much better.  I told Dawn to hit it and I was surprised how strong and quick the boat pulled me out.  Running wide open had me up on a plane, but was still a bit slow.  I had to swing wide in the turn to avoid sinking down to much.  After a few pulls outside the wake where it was very rough for skiing I lost it and crashed. 

Still a glutton for punishment
I climbed out and tossed the tube in.  Just like Nick, I tried to climb in from in the water but couldn't do it.  The tube just kept flipping over. I had to climb out and jump in from the transom.  Once in off we went.  The kids keep sitting in the tube and I have tried to tell them to lay out for a wilder ride.  Sure enough, with me laying on the tube flat out I proceeded to get a rough pounding ride.  I easily ended up out side the wake on the first turn and after getting my brains bashed out I let go and slid off exhausted.  Nothing like some time behind the boat to let you know how old you really are.

We closed up shop and made the quick trip back south of the bridge to the launch.  Being able to pull the boat on the trailer, add the strap and drive away is a real treat.

Our GPS Track for the day

























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