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Logbook Day 66 and 67
12/31/2004 - 1/1/2005

New Years On The Boat
We went out for New Years Eve on Lake Union and enjoyed a nice dinner, movie, and watched the fireworks launched from the Space Needle

Newport to Lake Union

We launched the boat at 3:30pm in the afternoon at Newport Shores on Lake Washington. It was a gorgeous clear and crisp afternoon with calm flat water on the crossing of the lake, through the Montlake Cut, Portage Bay and into Lake Union at the north end of Seattle. We arrived just before dark to locate and scope out the dock space we had arranged at Bluewater Yachts for the night. Thanks for the help Ray.

Then it was a quick trip to the north end of the lake to Ivar's Salmon House for a dinner feast. Their dock was empty and arriving for new years dinner via boat is a unique way to celebrate.

After being filled to the brim with hot chowder, salmon, and other tasty seafood we motored back to our dock spot too kill some time. Luckily we were able to find an available plug nearby and fire up the heater while we waited for the witching hour. We intentionally skipped dessert at the restaurant so we would have room for popcorn during the screening aboard of the latest Harry Potter movie.

Once done with the movie we prepped the boat for sleeping, then cast off at 11:30pm to join the boats at the south end of the lake awaiting the fireworks show at the space needle. It had rained off and on during the movie and started anew just as we headed out. We were snug and dry though, zipped up in our enclosure. Without it I don't think we would have even considered making this spur of the moment trip with rain in the forecast and temps down in the mid 30's.

We found a suitable space with a great view and settled into station keeping mode amongst the fleet of boats glowing with decorations. We were glad to see that the 4 huge 'Argosy' party boats stood off at the rear and didn't get in anybody's way. (They are our nemesis as they always seem to show up at the locks when we do and force us to wait for a full cycle since they have priority.)

With the radio tuned to the simulcast music for the show we were ready. Right on cue, the elevator began to rise and the firework extravaganza began. The show was briefer than we were expecting, but the kids loved it and it is far better in person where you can feel the launch explosions and see the full effect of the fireworks. Much better than watching it on TV which was the plan up until Thursday. I'm told it is the largest structure launched fire works show and it's pretty cool to see the 675' space needle surrounded by explosions. They launch not only from the top, but also from all up and down the support legs.

Once the show was over, we made our way the short distance back to the dock and tied up for what was a rainy night. With the heater set low we had a calm, cozy and quiet (as quiet as it gets in the urban world) night.

Lake Union to Newport

We decided to skip an onboard breakfast this morning as we slept late, and with everyone else snug in their bunks I cast off and motored slowly back over to the launch on the east side. The trip took about an hour and a half at 6 knots. 2nd mate Nick was up and dressed just in time for line handling duties. A half hour later (we were mastless), the boat was tucked back under her tarp in the driveway.

Now we already have a trip entry in our '05 logbook.

Happy New Year































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