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Logbook Day 87, 88, 89
8/17/2006 - 8/19/2006

Mid Summer in the Mid Sound
What a great 6 day trip!

Cutts Island to Penrose Point

It's heavy overcast and cool this morning.  When Dawn took Jessie to the beach this morning there were lots of seals on shore.  As they walked the beach the seals followed along with them in the water.  Perhaps Jessie looked appetizing. 

As soon as they were back we left for the short crossing of Carr Inlet to Penrose Point almost due south of us.  We checked out the east side buoys and there were two available so we decided there was time to look on the west side of the point as well.  The inner most of the 3 there was empty so we took it.  Everyone was tired or rowing and the distances here are greater so Sam and I put the motor on the dinghy.  It started right up even on year old gas. 

With all 6 of us (counting the dog) loaded in the dinghy we headed for shore.  This is a nice park with good facilities.  After dumping the garbage we did some exploring.  We needed a few things from the nearby Lakebay Marina store so we loaded everyone back in the dinghy and took the boys over to the more remote part of the point to hang out while we crossed the bay to the marina.  On our way we went by the park dock.  There was space on both sides for us, but we elected to stay on the buoy.  I'm a bit concerned that the forecast shift to a north wind could make for another rough night but we prefer the privacy of the buoy to the dock.  We tied up at the marina and picked up the essentials, ice and beer, at the store.  The place is just as run down as the last time we stopped here 3 years ago.  We then cruised back to the boat.  

We had a quiet lunch and around 2pm Nick called for a pickup to get his swim trunks.  Dawn took him in and stayed on the beach while he poked around in the salt water estuary.  They then went down the beach a ways to another rope swing they had found.  Sam embarked on ferrying driftwood needed for a fort using the dinghy.  They then built a small fort.  I spent the time learning about features on the new GPS/Sounder.  Everyone didn't return from the beach until 7pm.

We had a good dinner of chicken patties and mashed potatoes while listening to the Mariners game on the XM satellite radio.  Everyone is pooped from the busy day on the beach.  The boys fished some at dusk and Mike got two, everyone else got skunked.  Sam and I took Jessie in to the beach and filled the empty water tank.

Thankfully, it's a dead calm night.  This has been a spectacular stop on the trip.

Penrose Point to Gig Harbor

The next morning we awoke to low tide with the previously hidden reef exposed.  Now everyone can see why the buoys are set so far from shore.  Dawn, Jessie and I dinghy'd in to shore.  The tide is rising fast, we pulled the dinghy completely clear of the water before walking up to the facilities and when we returned 15 minutes later it was floating.  Good thing I also tied the painter to a rock.

Back on the boat we had a oatmeal breakfast and prepared for departure.  With the dinghy motor back on the transom bracket and the rocker stoppers pulled we are ready to go.  The fishing heated up and we delayed our departure for an hour or so leaving around 12:40.  Surprisingly we had good current help of 1 - 1.5 knots all the way across Carr Inlet and through Hale Passage.  The fuel tank ran dry just as we were about to go under the Fox Island bridge and we had to take quick action to avoid drifting into it as we changed tanks.

Once out in the Narrows the current switched to 1 knot against with a north head wind as well.  There is a barge out mid span with the next section to be hoisted hooked up to the cables.  After passing under the bridge we made our way through the chop up the west shore to Gig Harbor.  We found our way to Arabellas Landing marina and tied up at he inside end of the main dock.  Now if Jessie would just stop barking at everyone that goes by. 

Since this is our anniversary night, Dawn didn't want to cook, yet we had trouble finding a restaurant to go to where we could take the dog.  We elected to do take out and we placed a order for fish and chips and hamburgers at the Tides Tavern.  Dawn, Sam and Nick walked up into town to pick up the order.  We dinned on the private marina deck at the party tables.

After dinner everyone wanted dessert.  We walked back up east into town to find some ice cream at one of the two places Dawn had seen.  After a bit of a walk, we found that both were closed.  I had talked earlier with the girl on the dock about gas availability (for all the marinas in Gig Harbor not a single one has fuel available) and she indicated that not far to the west there was a Chevron station.  We decided to walk that way to see how far it was and maybe find a minimart that would be open with ice cream.  It turned out to be quite a hike west, was a 76 station, and had a garage, not a minimart.  We were ready to give up with all the complaining about how far we had walked from the kids.

It just happened that at that time there was a bus at the curb and the driver was out loading a bike.  He saw Jessie and came over to pet her.  Dawn explained that we were after ice cream and he said there was ice cream available up he road at Anthonys.  He told us to hop in.  We were reluctant because then we would have even farther to walk back.  He solved that problem telling us he would be making the return trip in 1/2 an hour and would pick us back up.

We piled into the bus and rode down the road to Anthonys.  Mike was thrilled, this was his first bus ride.  We actually didn't end up going to Anthonys as we found a small little restaurant called the 'Harbor Kitchen' just down the block.  We all had a wonderful chocolate cookie and ice cream concoction and soda.  They had handy outside tables and our dog join another one already there.  After that it was back to the bus stop to wait for the return ride.  The bus was later than we had expected and we had to wait about 15 minutes.  It all worked out great however as we rode right back to the marina.

Once back at the boat we all settled in, Dawn and I took showers (no quarters required, they're free here) and we all went to bed to the blare of the live band at a club across the harbor.

Gig Harbor to Des Moines

Dawn and Jessie were up at 9am and headed out for some shopping.  By 11am everything was shipshape and ready to go.  The dinghy is stowed on the bow and some how we even found a place for the rocker stoppers.  Dawn ran out once again for some brunch cinnamon rolls and we pushed off on her return just before noon. 

We crossed over to Point Defiance and picked our way through the raft of fishing boats to the marina.  They were particularly thick near the ferry dock.  Once past all them we made our way to the fuel dock.  The main dock is filled with a large cruiser that takes over an hour to fill his tanks.  Imagine that bill.  A small fishing boat was just finishing up on the side and after a brief wait we were able to dock.  I really only need a couple extra gallons of gas, but we went ahead and filled a spare tank as well for a total of 9 gallons.

We then zig zagged back through the fishing fleet and were on our way north to Des Moines.  We sped up and dumped ballast, then settled in at 9 knots through a medium chop.  We had to leave the canvas up because of the spray.  When we reached the marina we pulled in and found the line at the sling empty.  I went ahead and pulled the boat into the pickup dock and hustled up the ramp to get the truck on deck before anyone else came and made us move.

The loading went quickly and after a brief stop in the parking lot to pack the last few things for the freeway we were off on our way home arriving at 3pm.

This was a great trip.


























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