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Logbook Day 111, 112, 113
7/3/2008 - 7/9/2008

Fourth of July
A Summer Trip

Port Ludlow to Fort Flaggler

We had breakfast at 10am with group that spent the night. The wind has gone south and is building.  After showers at Missy's Elizabeth left with Dede and Steve in the mustang with the top down as she has to be home on Sunday.

We left just after noon and crossed to Port Ludlow marina to get a bit more gas.  The wind is now south at 20-25. Going with the wind we made an easy landing at the fuel dock and filled our tanks, 9 gallons total. 

Dawn went up for ice and while she was gone a large power boat decided to back out of slip with the strong side wind blowing. His stern started to blow down wind sending his bow toward a sail boat in the next slip as soon as it cleared the pier. He gassed it in reverse which sent him careening across the fairway at high speed toward the fuel dock (thankfully we were on the opposite side). The person on his stern was screaming for him to shift into forward as he smashed his swim step and dinghy into the dock at a high speed. As he rebounded from the impact, his bow swung further downwind to where he could back along the fairway. He would have been fine if he had continued backing but he decided he needed to turn around to go forward. This sent him out of control toward all the boats in the slips once again. He finally got pointed the right direction and made his way out of the area. His $4000 RIB inflatable still mounted on the stern with all tubes torn and flat from the collision.

We backed away from the dock easily and stayed in reverse until we were well clear of the marina entrance, then we spun around and headed out of Port Ludlow. The wind was very strong from dead astern with against a flood tide which made for some steep following seas. We fought our way past Olele Point, then pulled into the sheltered water north of it and filled the ballast tank for a smoother ride

At Port Townsend canal the current was running 3.5 knots against us and it was like running upstream in a series of river rapids. Mike was on the bow and had to lift his feet as we planted the bow into one of the holes.

Once 1\3 of the way up it smoothed out and we battered our way upstream into Port Townsend proper. Once past the navy crane dock where two aircraft carrier supply ships were docked, we turned into the winding channel for Fort Flaggler. We out raced a sailboat through the winding channel and found a nice spot at the end of the dock. We wanted to be stern out which made it hard to get to the dock with the current running along it, the first try with motor only didn't give us enough control. The second pass with rudder and centerboard helped, but we finally ended up using reverse against the current to hold station as we crabbed our way sideways to the dock. Once we got our stern attached the bow was easy. We displaced one set of crabbers, but the dock is for boats.

The boys headed for the beach and the huge sand cave wall to explore. Throughout the afternoon the wind rose and occasionally there is a light sprinkle. Dawn took the dogs for a walk up to the store.

By 4pm Dawn was back and began preparing dinner and drinks. We had a nice dinner of boneless ribs and coos coos, they were marinated in teriyaki and topped with pineapple.

The ride here on the outside of the dock at the west end is getting worse. The wind is now out of the west and with the high tide is kicking up 2-3' white caps that roll into our transom and create a rough rolling motion. Dawn and I quickly did the dishes while struggling to stand.  I walked down to the restroom for a break and I noticed when I came back that two smaller boats on the inside east end were gone. We quickly called all hands on deck to make the move . Sam stayed on the dock and Dawn on the bow as we backed smartly away from the dock and moved around to the other side. In no time we were snuggled in with much calmer water. Our bow is now toward the wind and waves and the floating dock is breaking up the rough stuff before it reaches us.

One more dog walk and one more cliff climb for Nick and we were settled in for a movie. We watched Rambo, the new one, it was quite gory. Now it's 11pm and we're getting settled in for the night.

Fort Flaggler, Morrowstone Island

We got up at 10am and eventually got around to a pancake and bacon brunch. None of us except Sam wanted to leave so we debated the idea of staying another day. We decided to do it and I called Mike to let him know I was going to take one more day of vacation. We settled in to doing mostly nothing.

All the small boats are being put back on their trailers for the end of the holiday weekend. We assisted one that went out to tow a boat that cut the corner on the channel to tight and was aground in the mud. They pulled them off, then shortly after that had their motor die of a dead battery. The boat they pulled off had to to them back to the dock

Around 3pm a 38 Bayliner pulled in across the dock from us. They are a couple that live in Arizona and spend 4 months in the summer up here living on their boat. It turned out they had a surplus of crab from the day before so they cooked up two and gave them to us. Dawn used one for some crab dip and saved the other for dinner

Around 4pm  we kicked the boys out to go build a fort. They went way out on the spit were we can even see the structure from the dock. Dawn and I had a nice nap and before we new it was going on 8pm.

Nick returned early but we had to call the other two back for dinner. We grilled up more ribs on the BBQ and combined this with mashed potatoes, corn and crab for a great dinner. Another 40' boat arrived while we were eating. I helped tie them up in front of the 38 so now we have a nice wall of bigger boats blocking the wind and waves that are up again.

After dinner Sam, Nick, and I took the dogs over to the fort for some pictures. We then turned in for a another movie, "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins". It was midnight when we all headed to bed.

Fort Flaggler to Everett

Dawn and I got up around 9am and went for coffee and stroll without the kids or dogs. When we got back we spent about 15 minutes clearing away a log and a huge amount of kelp that accumulated around the transom and motor. Mike used his small size to good advantage crawling along the transom with a knife cutting away the kelp.

Mike, Dawn and the dogs decided to take one more walk to the fort. Sam soon followed. Nick and I spent time getting things prepped for the trip home.  The best compromise for currents looks to be leaving at 1pm.

I called Sam about 12:30 and had them head back. They made it by 1, but decided we needed to buy ice-cream. We left the dock about 1:15. The departure was smooth as we backed away against the current and turned west. We made our way through the winding channel at near low tide and soon were out on Port Townsend. We made the usual loop to avoid the navy munitions ships at the crane pier and proceeded south down the bay and through the canal at a peaceful 7 knots. We had a 1 knot current with us for a change in the canal. Once through, we headed SE toward admiralty inlet as we wound our way through the crab pot minefield.

The wind from the North West and sea was up after we cleared Kinney Point and the wind is against a 3 knot ebb tide. We steered more east to shorten the distance across even though it lengthened our trip. 5 knots was the most comfortable speed. The 2'-4'seas are on the aft port quarter which always makes for a rolling rough ride. After what seemed a long time we finally cleared Double Bluff and found smooth water. Dawn to the helm and we throttled up to 4500 rpm to drain the ballast. We started at 11 knots and when the tank was dry we were at 16 knots.

We continued at this clip past Cultus Bay and around Possession Point. There was a coastguard cutter sitting just past the green can marker #1. As we rounded the point and turned north we were greeted by an orange zodiac with three coasties on board.

We slowed to a stop and they came along side. Two climbed on board and we ran through their boarding inspection check list. It was pretty simple and because we had been inspected last year we were already in their database. After about 15 minutes we had our printout with no violations and they were back in their boat.

As we approached the Mukilteo ferry dock things began to get rough again. We were once again exposed to the NW wind and our course to Everett put us parallel to the troughs. We slowed to 10 knots to keep things more in control and rock and rolled our way up inside the Everett jetty. From there it was a calmer yet still windy 5 knot no wake speed trip to the launch.

We quickly had most things re-stowed and we loaded onto the trailer using the wind to smoothly move the boat forward. Ten more minutes in the parking lot and we had everything secure for the drive home. We arrived home at 6:30pm and parked the boat in the driveway. It needs some heavy power washing to remove all the salt spray from the final run to Everett. But that will wait until tomorrow.



  Under way

  A rough life

  The protected side of the dock

  Just chillin'

  Flaggler is always a great place for building forts

  Home sweet home?

  Cruising boy

  Through the canal

  Big brother

  I love boating

























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