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10/27 to 10/29/2004

Time Away

With Grandma and Grandpa on tap to watch the kids Dawn and I headed out for a get-a-way at "Run of the River' Inn in Leavenworth.  What a fantastic place and trip.

Once we finished all our commitments on Wednesday we turned east over Snoqualmie Pass then north over Blewett Pass.  The mountains have a nice dusting of new snow and the fall colors made the drive wonderful.  Going down the north side of Blewett the western Larch were in their full glory.  These are trees that look like coniferous firs or pines but turn a bright orange and loose their needles like a deciduous tree.  What a sight.

We arrived in Leavenworth just after dark and initially couldn't find the inn.  I knew which road it was on but not exactly where and we could find no sign in the dark.  We looped back through town and stopped at the local Safeway as we needed dinner and supplies anyway.  Once we found the address in the phone book we were able to drive right there.

After being greeted and given a tour by our host Monte, we settled into our upper floor suite.  As we were unloading the luggage we all glanced up just as the full lunar eclipse was reaching it's peak in the clear night sky.  Quite a sight.

I highly recommend the 'Hit the Trail' room to all. With a private entrance at the end of the building it is a wonderful choice.  Fitted out in high end 'rustic' northwest lodge tradition the room was truly amazing.  Upon entering you pass the large marble bathroom with huge double sinks, and a large shower with both normal and a 'rain' shower head.  Everywhere the rustic log and stone theme is done to perfection.  Next up you pass the river rock surrounded Jacuzzi tub for two right next to the overstuffed king size pine four poster feather bed.  Across the way in the corner is a river rock fire place ready to warm you as you sit on the leather chairs and ottoman.  For those who don't want to be all the way away the satellite TV tucked in a pine cabinet brings video and music to you along with a CD player and a DVD player.

Through the sliding glass door the balcony gives views of the high water river bed and the surrounding mountains as you sit on the swing for two.  Back in the room a ladder next to the Jacuzzi takes you up into the loft with it's comfy leather couch.

All the details are attended to.  Food for the birds, walking sticks and packs for a hike, binoculars and bird books for bird watching, excellent fluffy robes, and even an antique manual typewriter for creating notes.  Mountain bikes and snowshoes await for outdoor adventures.

The inn was stunningly decorated for Halloween.  Everywhere you turned both in the room and around the entire grounds the inn was trimmed to the hilt.  So wonderful were the decorations that a photographer was on site from "Sunset" magazine taking shots for next years October issue.

We settled in for a cozy night of Chinese food and of course watching Boston win the series.

Sleeping late the next morning we skipped the 9:00 am breakfast.  Rising closer to noon, and after a dip in the tub and rain shower we explored the grounds then went for a lovely drive up the Icicle river.  The fall colors were on still bright and the weather was being very cooperative.  Neither of us had realized how close to the town and the river the recent fire had come.  Almost the entire slope to the east from the ridge right down to the river in many places is a sea of bare burned poles. 

Wanting to spend as much time as possible in the luxurious room we decided to dine in again and relax for the afternoon and evening.  For most of the day there were many deer down at the river bed right in front of the room and the birds were everywhere. 

We wiled away the day in conversation and reading.  Dinner consisted of cheese and crackers augmented with a few other snacks and a personal bottle of special wine for each of us.  This time away to rest and recharge was just what the doctor ordered.  We couldn't have picked a better place. 

The next day we sadly had to check out and leave.  We joined the group at the stunningly decorated breakfast table then stretched the rest of the morning as long as we could.  The drive home was peaceful through the beautiful mountains.  Arriving back home around 1:00 we were pleased to see that Grandma and Grandpa had no problems during their stay as well.  It is so nice to have all the kids in school for the entire day.

We did bring back a nice reminder of the trip as we purchased one of the metal galaxy stars for our room.  You light a tea light inside the giant metal star and with the lights out it casts whirling galaxy images all around the room.  We will be able to remember this trip each time we use it.


























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